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Saturday, November 28, 2020

AEDM 28 - 29 - 30

 Click image to enlarge!
I will use this post for several days of AEDM. 
Every day I will ad the image I have for that day. So, please visit daily as there will be a new one on top.  AEDM28 - 29 - 30

Santa on holiday
The two Santa´s are souvenirs from my visit to New Zeeland many years ago. 
I created a digital beach for him, so this is digitally painted. And Santa added to to the scene. 

We will soon pass Winter Solstice where we change darkness to light. Looking for Santa in the files I found this one and thought it would fit today. 

Wishing all of you a merry Christmas and a Happy new year. A little early maybe. But so what? 
Also thanks to Leah who are our host. 
Take care!
AEDM 30   Last one for this year. Thanks to all friends who visited. 

Lol, first time I tried to paint something I could eat. One of them mysteriously disappeared. 
Tempera on sketch paper A5
AEDM 29   Only one more day to go. 

Christmas plate

The only thing I painted here is the plate. Everything else is only placed on the plate. Trying to glue it would have destroyed the look of fluffy clouds and lichen. The rest is Christmas decoration for the tree. If I don´t push it around too much it can be my substitute for a Christmas tree this year. 

Take care everyone. I now have a thin layer of snow outside. Enough to lighten up the landscape. 

© NF Photo 201128


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AEDM 28-29-30

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  1. Great idea, at least it won't drop pine needles all over the floor.

  2. What a great idea Monica, that's really nice!

  3. A wonderful festive scene Monica! xx

  4. A lovely Christmas scene on a plate!

  5. That is a really fabulous Christmas scene. I like how you made it on the plate. It gives it so much depth that way.

  6. It certainly is a cleverly created Christmas themed plate. I like it. I also like you can move the pieces around, if you choose.

  7. I can't possibly guess where it went.

  8. Adorable edibles. I laughed when I read one disappeared.

  9. Yummy looking apples! Were there four to start with? :D

  10. And I wonder where that disappeared to? Beautiful work.

  11. Yummy looking apples, Monica! With you saying one went missing, it reminded me of the time I was sketching 3 pears and one of those mysteriously went missing too. P.S. - What can I say...it was yummy! lol

  12. Love those holidaying Santas and that beautiful angel Monica!
    Alison xx

  13. Oh I love that holiday page. I bet Santa is just waiting for that day to arrive. And the angel is gorgeous also. It might be early but God Jul to you also. Hopefully I'll "see" you online during December.

  14. I really love the angel. Have a happy day.

  15. Your angel is beautiful and perfect for the solstice. I also really enjoyed the Santas on the beach and in the water, too. Very cleverly created, Monica. It has been good reconnecting with you again this year for AEDM.

  16. Love your Santa on Holiday piece, Monica! Here in Australia, we have Santa ornaments wearing beachwear and thongs (called flip-flops in the US). The Angel is lovely too!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    Stay safe and well,

    Serena xo


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