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as much as I can to find new areas to document.
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NatureFootstep Photography and PhotoArt
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Bildverkstan - Image workshop
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NF European birds    Image files:  File 1,  File 2,  File 3
Birds around the world, Honolulu, Norway, Iceland, Japan    Image files: Around the world,   part of Japan birds
Birds in Costa Rica  Image files: Costa Rica
Birds in Morocco  Image files: Morocco
Birds in Queensland, Australia  Image files: File 1    File 2 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My bird blogs

This is bird blogs from Sweden, where I live, and birding trips I´ve been on. Costa Rica and Morocco is complete but not the others. 

Birds in Europe                 birds in Sweden, Camargue and Scotland
Birds in Costa Rica
Birds in Morcocco
Birds in Australia
Birds around the World     Birds in Honolulu, Iceland, Norway so far

My Photo and Photo art blogs

Wednesday, January 21, 2015