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Friday, November 27, 2020

November 27

 Click image to enlarge!

It is my birthday today so I give myself a couple of flowers.
I am now officially 75 years of age! 

Lady Legging
And a legging to use today as it is freezing outdoors. 

Dark clouds dream with a camera that was missing in yesterdays AEDM

This was a strange one. I had a dream with darkness in it. The strange thing was I wanted to stay in that dream but knew I couldn´t so, in he dream, I tried to photograph it. The dream lasted a long time. It even came back when I took a nap in the afternoon. Added a camera to the AEDM26.
But of course, this watercolor don´t look at all as the dream.  😏

Now I have to leave as it is probably some frost to catch in nature.

Take care everyone. We are heading towards Winter Solstice. Looking forward to that. 
A crystal pyramid I found in a second hand store. You can find light everywhere 🌞

Take care everyone!
© NF Photo 201127

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  1. Happy Birthday, Hope you have a lovely day. Your creations are super, Happy PPF, enjoy the weekend, Hazel (Didos)xx

  2. Happy Birthday, you are now as old as me. Lovely flowers.

    Very interesting pieces Monica. My daughter Yanda's birthday is tomorrow November 28th


  4. Good morning Monica and Happy Birthday. Your art is so unique and outstanding.

  5. Happy birthday. You gave yourself some adorable floral arrangements. They are stunning.

  6. Happy Birthday Monica!!! 75 years young! :) The flowers are very pretty and that pyramid light is so neat! Interesting dream...I like how you painted it out.

  7. Beautiful images! Happy birthday!
    Alison xx

  8. Happy 75th! May you have many more.

    I love the flowers you posted for your birthday! :)

  9. Happy Birthday! Beautiful images.

  10. Love those vibrant flowers! Wonderful art. Happy birthday to you!!!!

  11. Those vibrant flowers are stunning! Happy Happy birthday to you!!

  12. Happy Birthday, Monica! I hope you had a great day.
    Beautiful art.

  13. I hope it was a wonderful birthday! Sorry I am late stopping by. And I really love today's art!

  14. Wow, congratulations and Happy belated birhtday to you! Lovely flowers!


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