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Thursday, November 19, 2020


 Click image to enlarge!
Today I dedicate most part of the post to my grandmother Ingrid. 
TAD:s theme for today is Antique so I figured part of my late family would be a suitable subject. 
One of the last times I visited my grandmother I photographed her photoalbum and asked her about the info she could remember. I also received her birth gift and her postcard album. I/we wanted to be sure it stayed when she was gone. She was already giving things away. So, I did not have to beg to hard. Later on I was happy I had photographed her album because when she died her sons just threw them away :( 

Image for AEDM19 further down

My grandmother Ingrid Glad photo 1919 before her marriage. 

This is a small butter cup for dinners. She got it as a birth gift when she was born. I always loved it, she new that. She had saved it for me to take care of. 

As I mentioned I have my grandmothers Postcard album. 
This is a card she received when she was 1 year old. 

Finally from her photoalbum. This is Johanna Glad. My grandmothers grandmother. Probably photographed around 1919-1920

 Now ART!
Used the Unicorns I created last week to paint on the CARBon black A4 paper I have . 
Painted with tempera white color.
Posted for AEDM19

From AEDM earlier this week  Photo edit from several shots.

© NF Photo 201119 

Take care everyone, we are far from safe yet!

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  1. these are nice memories from your grandmother and also from the other grandmother, it's good that you still have the photos! A beautiful butter dish in a great color!
    Have a good day and take car, hug Elke

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful antiques Monica
    Happy Thursday


  3. Love the antique buttercup beautiful colour!

  4. Monica,

    I have lots of old photos. That would've been good to share for today's prompt. Those early 1900s photographs are really interesting. Have a doodletastic day!

  5. Wonderful old photos and memorabilia!
    The unicorns look great on the black paper too.

  6. Such precious memories of your Grandmother. I love the colour of the butter dish. :)

  7. Love the photos and dish from your grandmother. Cherish those things.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  8. I really enjoyed seeing these old family photos. What part of Scandinavia was your grandmother from? I have 3 Scandinavian grandparents who were around the same age as your grandmother- based on those photos. Thanks for sharing.

    1. lol, we are from Sweden, about 4h drive south of Stockholm :)

  9. I am so sorry for being so late visiting Monica. I was SO sick night before last, I didn't even link up to AEDM for at least two hours. Still not well, but feeling guilty, so wanted to stop by and admire your amazing art and photos today. I'm playing catch up so am here for TAD and really LOVE all the antiques you shared. What a lovely collection, too. You have some incredible photos of your grandmother.

  10. Oh Ingrid!!! What a great post Monica! I love the butter cup...how special that you have it. Makes me sad that I have nothing from my ancestry! :) Your unicorns are pretty! :)

  11. Oh what a shame to have your grandmother's albums and such thrown away!! But alas things like that have happened in my family as well so I am ever so grateful for the mementoes I do have. And great that you took photographs as well. Love the piece with the dove at the end! Happy PPF!

  12. Thank you for sharing your family. It also look like you had fun creating.
    Happy Painting.
    Stay Safe and Coffee is on

  13. I am so glad you had the insight to take pictures and to speak for things that you could remember your Grandmother by. I missed out on my family heirlooms except I have a set of ivory elephants that my Uncle brought home to my Grandmother after WWII. Elephants were my thing and my Grandmother knew it, so I am lucky to have them. Otherwise, I didn't get interested in antiques until long after my Grandparents were gone, so I have little to show from them except the photograph albums that my parents passed on to me after getting them from their parents. They would have been interesting to use for this prompt, but since we moved, I am not sure where they are :( Anyway ... loved your post :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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