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Friday, November 20, 2020


 Click image to enlarge!
I will use this post for several days of AEDM. 
Every day I will ad the image I have for that day. So, please visit daily as there will be a new one on top.  AEDM20 - xx

Lady legging

Lol, this was my leggings thrown on my sisters chair when I visited her. Manipulated in photoshop. 
Entry for AEDM23

Natural design
This is a design made from a photos of  Shaggy inc cup. The skirt and the cap are fungi shots. Edited in FotoSketcher and Photoshop
Entry for AEDM22     Mosaic Monday

The Face 
Sometimes nature just does it for you. This is a piece of birch bark. 
Entry for AEDM21

Watercolor spots
Sometimes you just like how the colors look when placed out. This is watercolor from tubes. I liked the spread and used thin plastic folie to press the color down. No water added. 
© NF Photo 201120
Entry for AEDM20


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  1. Great idea about how to deal with the colors,a wonderful gimmick on the sheet!
    Greeting Elke

  2. I love the colors here. Like a Rorschach blot but only better! Hope your Friday is going well.

  3. An usual idea for watercolours. must have a go. I have used the same idea with cling film.

  4. This was truly a unique way to use those watercolors and cling wrap. I like how the colors look so much like autumn, too.

  5. You are a creative person Monica.

    The Birch tree bark face is fantastic

  6. Wow. Yes nature does. This is an awesome photo.

  7. I do see a face. Rather primitive, like a fossil. Nice find! Happy Saturday!

  8. That's a cool piece of bark! I see the face.

  9. Love the color combination in the watercolor piece! Happy PPF!

  10. The watercolour spot flowers look great! I immediately saw the face in the bark...cool!

  11. Great piece of bark and a very delicate face.

  12. I'm amazed at how a piece of bark brings out the artist in us. I even see the face, too.

  13. That's a novel idea, it's given me an idea for one of my journals.

  14. That is a lot of fun. Very very clever to use the mushroom the way you did! love this.

  15. What a way to make nature work for you. Those fungi are SO cleverly done.

  16. Cool altered photos! I love how you used the fungi.
    Alison x

  17. Clever use of fungi images...very nice!

  18. Great idea and interesting twist to use the fungi images mixed with the photo.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  19. Monica - very creative! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday and bringing your art to us all!

  20. Hello,

    Beautiful images and edits. I like the birch and the last watercolor.
    Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  21. Who knew leggings could look so arty!

  22. I love how you managed to bring the leggings to the forefront. This was amazing. I like how the chair became part of the background, too.

  23. Ohhh I love it. You can find art just about anywhere. I really like the second set of photos too. Enjoy your day.

  24. Happy Monday. I am #12 on the mosaic linky


  25. This proves you can create art from basic, everyday stuff. Nice!

  26. I love your artwork.

    Happy MosaicMonday


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