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Thursday, November 5, 2020


 Click image to enlarge!
A foraging White-throated dipper

Rock art
Painted with Tempera on a photographic paper 10*16cm

Just a little "playing around" on photographic paper 10*16cm

I have a lot of these photographic papers in different sizes. It was too annoying  back then to print shots. The colors never turned out the way it was supposed to be. Different setting in the computer and the printer did not match. And it was expensive. So lately I started to paint on them. It is a different way of painting. I thought it would be kind of slippery but the colors stick to the surface and don´t flow easily. So, as with all other material one had to adapt to how it behaves. 

© NF Photo 201105

Fall is soon over and I have changed to winter tires on my car. To avoid icy streets when I am going places. 
Take care everyone, make art and avoid the C.

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  1. Great topic on Rains topic the bird looks into the water to get something edible out. Beautiful motif.
    Your work becomes something special like rock art or the others. Maybe you will continue to do it later on this paper. It will be used at some point, so I feel more often with it.
    Take care, hug Elke

  2. Lovely art pieces, cute bird looking down!

  3. I love that everyone has their own interpretation of the theme.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  4. Your bird looking down is clever, Monica. I'm sure enjoying seeing your other art, too. I love the flowers.

  5. Monica this is perfect. I love this shot of the bird and your art is beautiful.

  6. Bravo luv your art today. Tge looking down photo is really a nice response


  7. Beautiful artworks, and I love the little bird!
    Alison xx

  8. That second photo is amazing. And I like you play too.

  9. I hope your sweet bird finds the food that he needs, lovely monochrome piece.
    It's a very freeing feeling to just play around with paint if only everyday way a painty play day.
    Happy PPF Tracey xx

  10. Lovely pieces of art, love the idea of painting on the photo paper,Stay Safe, Hazel (Didos) x

  11. Love your bird picture. You always have good bird pictures or animal pictures and I am so sorry that the expensive photo paper doesn't work on your photos. But, then, there seems to be another way to put the paper to use and you have developed a new art type. Like you I would have expected the paper to be slippery and all the paint would run ... sticky would never have struck my mind. So this is such fun, Monica ... I love your courage to explore. You always come up with awesome ideas. I don't change my tires, I have 4 wheel drive and have never had a problem in snow and ice ... now I have jinxed myself, but so be it :) You stay safe as well, Monica. We are having new spikes in the US and it is far from over here. And our "President" if you can call him that, is shooting for herd immunity. Like millions of people will have to die for it to work. Good Grief. So see you next week if I am still around, Ha!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  12. great photo of the bird! if you have any alcohol inks or markers they produce some fabulous results on the photo paper;) Happy PPF!

  13. Nice pieces...the bird is my favourite. :)

  14. Wonderful bird pic. And I especially admire your Rock Art. So neat!

  15. Great pieces Monica! I love the rock art!! Interesting medium that photographic paper!


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