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Friday, November 13, 2020

AEDM no 13 to no XX

 Click image to enlarge!
I will use this post for several days of AEDM. 
Every day I will ad the image I have for that day. So, please visit daily as there will be a new one on top.  AEDM13 - 18

Sunset Flight!
A photo manipulated part of my nearest forest. 

Autumn forest
A photo manipulated part of my nearest forest. 

Pink Lady
Tempera and a sticker on canvas 20x20 cm

Fluid art!  
Tempera on plastic plate

Sometimes things just happen!  
Tempera color on photographic paper. 

Fluid forest on a plate
Tempera color on porcelain dish. I think I have to do more of these, it was fun 😃

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  1. Great idea and I can see why you named it fluid forrest.

  2. Not only fun for you but how cool! I love this view of a forest through tempera. Happy Friday the 13th.

  3. I see the face!!! And your fluid forest is so beautiful! :)

  4. Looks like I somehow missed a day, Monica. I am glad you shared it, so I can catch up now.

    Your face is really quite clever and your forest on a plate is SO unusual. I am in awe of your talent, dear.

  5. Nice face! Looks like it was fun to make.

  6. Ohh Monica this face is fabulous. I am sorry you are a bit down. The grey skies does it for me as well. I am happy that you can get some books. Our library has been closed since March. Even with that the workers that still go in got covid. It's a mess. Sending you some happiness and hugs. N

  7. Very cool. This would be fun to make prints of. Happy Sunday. We're half way through the month already. Wow!

  8. Fantastic!!! I see a dragon in today's fluid art.

  9. I love the term - Fluid Forest - so fitting. Great art pieces, Monica!

  10. Your fluid art is wonderful. I like this latest entry because it is dark and moody.

  11. Love the new one, such delicate colours.

  12. Love the pink lady! Soft and feminine.

  13. Very pretty and feminine today, I love those soft colours.
    Alison xx

  14. The pink lady looks like she is on an ice float. I have a very vivid imagination, but I sure like it.

  15. Monica this is beautiful. I also love the abstract. Wonderful rich dark colors.

  16. Day 16 is very sweet. I love it!

  17. Oooh I love what you did with the forest photo! Beautiful!

  18. Your forest photo manipulation is amazing.

  19. Love the Autumn Forest! It has a ethereal feel to it.

  20. Another nice manipulation. I LOVE how you added the bird.

  21. I love what reminds me of a bird caught in a whirlwind. This is beautiful and colorful, too.

  22. Monica that new one is gorgeous. I love the swirl, the colors and the bird. Thanks for the tip on taking photos. I wish I had an outdoor place that wasn't soaking wet, dark skies and windy. LOL

  23. Love those swirls and the bird! Beautiful!!!

  24. I love love the swirls of color!!

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