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Friday, November 6, 2020

AEDM day6 to xx

 Click image to enlarge!
I will use this post for several days of AEDM. 
Every day I will ad the image I have for that day. So, please visit daily as there will be a new one on top. 

Unicorn stencil
Something I have been thinking on since I created the canvas Unicorn. I had one more of the stickers. 
So, I took an overhead sheet and started tu cut the unicorn out. Not as easy as it might seem. The scalpel I have is not that sharp anymore so cutting twists and turns is not easy. But it will do for what I had in mind. 
Cutting like this you get both the inside and the outside. To the left in the image are the pieces I got. 
To the right I painted the inside and outside of the unicorn to see what it would look like. 
I did the painting with a makeup brush from DOLLARSTORE. They are soft and nice to use painting with. 

Tempera on A4 photographic paper

I hope there is hope for the future. 💖

Today I have 2 images for you.
 First I made the canvas with tempera color, creating a flower with a balloon smash.

 When I saw the photo I took, I saw something else. Guess what??

Once upon a time...I was an apple!
Photo edit in Photoshop

Dark abstract. 
Tempera on A4 photographic paper

Colorful Tempera. Color dots rolled over with a balloon. 
Both on photographic paper 10x16 cm 

Click image to enlarge! 

© NF Photo 201106 to xx

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  1. Love these shots of color. The bright pink is a great pop amon the others to me.

  2. Wow, the texture you got from the balloon was incredible. Love the colors, too.

  3. I love this effect! Beautiful colours!
    Alison xx

  4. OH, I love your abstract! Very nice indeed. :)

  5. Today's piece is my favorite so far. I love it!

  6. Wow, your Day 7 abstract speaks to me. It is beautiful.

  7. WOW, that is the most unusual and unique apple. Love the way you manipulated the image for Day 8.

  8. That apple would be great for apple pie. Smile! I love this one, and I'm not sure if I like it the same or better than yesterday's piece.

  9. I see a pansy and a bee today. Fabulous effects!

  10. Some great art work, the balloon smash sounds fun.

  11. I really love those balloon smashes, very cool!

  12. For Day 9, I really enjoyed the first photo because I thought of a pansy. Then I focused on the second photo and saw a cute little dog. It's one of those perceptions you can't "unsee" once you've seen it. Great idea.

  13. I see that pup. What is a balloon smash? It makes fabulous results.

    1. put colordots on a paper and press them with a soft blownup balloon :)

  14. Lovely abstract pieces! I saw a dog in the second one too. When I look at the 'apple', it made me think of a Phoenix for some reason. Love the colours!

  15. Thanks for explaining the balloon printing. That sounds like a lot of fun! This is a very cool piece also. It made me think of sunrise or sunset, only without the color. Hope all is well.

  16. I like the abstract for Day 10. At first, I thought it was an electric fan. Sorry I'm so very late visiting. Playing catch up.

  17. Fabulous unicorn! You managed to do a super job even with a not so sharp scapel.

  18. I like how you created both a stencil and a mask at the same time when you created the unicorn. It turned out great.

  19. You created a wonderful stencil and mask!

  20. Love your unicorns! Lovely, proud stance. :)

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