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Friday, November 22, 2019

PPF AEDM22 From this week

 Click image to enlarge!
The wave
This one is not yet finished, as I started it at midnight, but I wanted to photograph it before I might spoil it.
The idea is to ad foam bubbles on it. I have seen how to do it with color and dish soap.
So, wish me luck on that.

On stage, my own, homemade, stencils and foam brush on CARBon paper

My Orchids  liquidized in photoshop

And a combination of orchids and ballerina

The orchids and ballerina somehow belongs together. So, I cut out the dancer using a scalpel from a copy on paper. Had some fun with the orchids and combined it all in photoshop.
And, right now I realized I can actually cut out stencils from OverHead sheets that I have a load of since I was working.

© NF Photo 191122

Outside is a grey day so I need some color. 😀

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  1. So beautiful. I hope it all turns out perfect for you.
    Each and every piece is gorgeous Monica.
    Happy PPF 🎨

  2. Beautiful, love the shell work especially.

  3. Hi Monica :) Good luck with the wave. I actually ruined my first blue whale watercolour trying to do the same thing lol...I wish I'd taken a photo before! I had to redo it! I saw a video on how to do the foam bubbles, but maybe I just didn't do it right. I can't wait to see if it works for you! The wave is beautiful. It's a gray day here too, thanks for the colourful orchids and ballerinas!

  4. Hi Monica, this is a beautiful array of art.

  5. fantastic art! I love the vibrant colors in the last two but I do love the shell art too!

  6. Wow - love the shell. I bet the foam bubbles are wonderful! Such different pieces! All are lvoely!

  7. Sorry I missed this yesterday. Nothing is broken, but I’m so sore I can’t sit and type with one hand for any length of time. I am sending this generic message because I want you to know I stopped by, appreciate you, and read your post today. Thanks for understanding.

  8. Can't wait to see how it turns out...I've used soap bubbles and inks on card, but never on shells. It created very delicate - and beautiful - patterns.
    I can't even see links on today (24) for some reason... maybe I'll just add my link to the comments to see how it goes. I haven't been in my craft room yet today, though I do have a couple of 'just in case' bits if needed.
    Cath x

  9. Monica,

    I'm sorry for not visiting before now. The weekends had me preoccupied as usual. The soap bubble waves on your shell painting is a nice effect. Your ballerina stencil artwork turned out lovely. Your photoshop play is a really cool reinvented image. I love playing with photo editing programs with my images! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Have a good week!

  10. The wave on the plate is really special - so full of movement and energy - it already looks amazing! Lovely post full of inspiration.
    Alison x


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