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Friday, November 15, 2019

AEDM15 and a few others

 Click image to enlarge!
Obelisk in forest
Created yesterday using a stencil and tempera color on A4 CARBon paper. 

Winter scene on scallop

Blue Abstract with carve technique
A5 watercolor paper

BW pour on canvas 40x40 cm

for Rains garden:  Forest and critters
Tempera on CARBon A4 paper

© NF PhotoArt 191114

I hope everyone is fine. My day is dull with heavy fog outside. I woke up early and it was still dark, Looking out my window it was foggy with streetlight shining through the treetops. Took some shots I might share later on if they are good enough. They might be all blurry.

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Paint Party Friday    AEDM15   Rains garden, forest and critters

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  1. Wonderful work on carbon paper... what an unusual surface to play on. It looks very ethereal and almost frosty.
    Cath x

  2. I found you through Rain's Garden. I like the Obelisk in Forest too. Really invites the viewer to stop and study it.

  3. wonderful this Rains garden work and all!

  4. My favourite is the forest and critters!

  5. Hi Monica :)) Lovely post! I'll be honest, I would really enjoy a thick foggy day!! :) Your Obelisk piece is truly wonderful, I love how it looks. And those carbon pieces you create really call to me. I may have to try this out! Next time I'm at the art supply store I'm going to check out the carbon paper. It's really great! Your black and white pour is gorgeous. I tried a pour once, but I didn't have the right paints for it, it's a lot of fun! And how creative with the scallop! I really enjoyed my visit today!! Thanks for joining in! :)

  6. Oh Monica all of these are stunning.

  7. lovely art- my favorite today is the seashell:) Happy PPF!

  8. Very beautiful and creative artwork.
    Love them all but especially the moonlight and the deer!

    Happy PPF!!!

  9. So much gorgeous texture in all of your pieces! Happy PPF!

  10. I hadn't seen the one you created for Rain's challenge. It is awesome.

  11. Such atmospheric pieces - I love the obelisk - and what a treat to create on that beautiful shell.
    Alison x


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