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Friday, November 8, 2019


 Click image to enlarge!
This is a stream we have outside town manipulated in Photoshop

Sandy lava abstract
This is a canvas tempera painting in it´s third version. I never got pleased with it. This last time I sprinkled  black lava sand on it. And was finally done. Canvas 24x30cm

"Watercolor flower" and "Not allowed to shine"
Yesterday I worked on my first real attempt on watercolor painting. The flower was easy enough, just dotting color.
The second one "Not allowed to shine" has a story attached. In meditation I tried to clean my aura. It was hard, and I wanted to try to visualize it. When I see it now it looks like a dress, but is a cloak to hide my aura.

I hope everyone is fine. We had the first frost this week and it feels cold. Not used to cold anymore after two warm years.

© NF Photo 191108


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  1. Exercise is important, so ideas come.

  2. You've been busy. That water photo is amazing! And those colors are fantastic on your painted canvas. Happy almost weekend. Hugs-Erika

  3. I simply adore the waterfall. It is gorgeous. The black sand is subtle, but makes a big difference. I bet the texture makes you want to touch it, too.

    You are getting good with watercolors. I'm impressed.

  4. Love that waterfall! The water is so organic.
    I find watercolour really difficult but it looks as if you're getting to grips with it...your 'dress' looks like a tepee to me and I thought she was sitting, working on . embroidery or weaving outside her little home. Just first impressions but intriguing imagery, with so many interpretations.
    Happy Friday!
    Cath x

  5. Beautiful artworks! You are shining through your art!
    Alison x

  6. Hi Monica :) Your watercolour flowers are pretty. Your "Not Allowed To Shine" actually struck an emotion in me. Without reading your description, I saw a little girl (on the left) and a man's suit in black. It kind of reminded me of my years growing up in a family that didn't encourage creativity to say the least. Interesting what we see isn't it? The photo of the waterfall is stunning!

  7. Hi Monica!
    Beautiful art but "Waterfall" has captured my heart.
    It is gorgeous!!!
    Happy PPF

  8. Hi Monica. Every time I come to your blog I am so happy. Your art no matter what medium brings joy.

  9. You got me with the flowers. Makes a nice card
    Happy PPF Monica


  10. Beautiful art and photos. The waterfall looks awesome


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