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Friday, November 29, 2019

Meadow bokeh and dipper

 Click image to enlarge!
Yesterday I gave the BOKEH a shot. Worked rather well but I need at least one larger circle. This is the foam brushes I used.  I did enhance the colors in photoshop. A5 watercolor paper. 

 This is the scallop I had earlier. Tried the bubbles and foam but only got a couple of tiny bubbles. I think it has to be done on paper or canvas to work.

A brown and grey dipper for Rain´s garden. 

© NF Photo 191129

I woke up to the first snow this morning. 

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  1. You've brought a ray of sunshine to us today with your bright and bold Bokeh design, it's like Spring has arrived. Happy PPF Tracey

  2. The dipper is fabulous, Monica. I love birds and used to photograph them myself :-) Nothing so 'exotic' as yours, though, lol.
    The shell is still beautiful. Love your bright Bokeh. Stencils and inks are much easier... I don't find it easy to achieve the look I want, though I have managed it a couple of times. It really does look like a meadow of flowers. Beautiful.
    Cath x

  3. Fabulous art Monica! Great photo of the dipper!

  4. Colorful and grey art this time, fabulous!
    Happy PPF xx

  5. Hi Monica :)) Oh your bokeh is wonderful! I actually had to look that up because I'd never heard of it. It's so colourful! The scallop looks great! The bubbles are hard to do...I mentioned my failure lol! Doesn't mean I'll give up though, I'd love to get that nice effect. And I love your dipper!! Thanks for joining in! :)

  6. I am SO impressed with the bokeh. It turned out great, despite your concerns. I've never done a pour, so I think this turned out great. Your grey and brown entry is beautiful. Simply amazing.

  7. lovely art Monica- very creative. Happy PPF!

  8. These are wonderful. The scallop is my fave today.

  9. Wow - love the different pieces. They all offer something different! SWell done.

  10. I love your Dipper ... amazing how he almost blends into the gray waters. Your photography is still amazing. And your painting with the bokeh is bright and uplifting ... but your scallop, while being good looking, I don't think I would want to eat him, Ha! Hope you are enduring our early winter. It is cold and wet and gray here which I could do without. We have had one good snow and that I enjoyed, but the rest is depressing. Glad to have you back in my life ... Be well, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  11. I love the variety of all your pieces this week! Each one is beautiful. :) The first snow?! How exciting!! I always love a bit of snow, but don't always see a lot in our area. Hope you enjoy the beauty of it!


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