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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Lost its way

 Click image to enlarge!
Lost it´s way!
Acrylic 20x20 cm
© NF Photo 191106

Who doesn´t???

Linking up with the following memes. My thanks to the hosts:
AEDM6   Rains Crisp and brilliant

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  1. I hope it doesn't freeze to death. I hope its lost someplace warm. Happy Wednesday. Hugs-Erika

  2. Your flutterby certainly looks as if it's lost its way and is being carried by strong winds over the ocean... and reminds me of the extremely windy Autumn day I spotted a butterfly (or a stunningly colourful moth!) hiding in the ivy. I had to rush in for my camera straight away. I just couldn't work out how it could fly in that dreadful, cold wind! Lovely.
    Cath x

  3. Monica this is so powerful. You have outdone yourself on this piece of art. I love that it is minimalist with a striking. Well done my friend.

  4. This is almost seductive. It's a beautiful entry. I had hoped to get here sooner, but real life got in the way today!

  5. Monica,

    I think we all feel like this butterfly on occasion. It's easy to lose one's way sometimes. Hopefully, we aren't lost for long, though. Excellent artsy contribution for this week's theme, dearie! Have a doodletastic day.

  6. Hi Monica :) Your butterfly is brilliant :) And yes, I also hope he finds his way, the air is too crisp for such a delicate creature! Thanks so much for joining in! :)

  7. A sad thought though I hope butterflies can't lose their way ... they maybe get blown off course, but unlike people they don't wonder aimlessly, they have but one goal ... to lay their eggs then fade away. This is a beautiful painting with a worrisome thought. So we had lost each other for awhile ... glad we are back. Hope all is well :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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