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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Mermaids and Water Creatures

 Click image to enlarge!
Life in the ocean

A collection of my Ocean art using different techniques.

I might be cheating a little for ArtJournal. But I think even in the oceanes there are springtime. 
Ocean life also have to spawn new life and it certaínly have "spring colors". 

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  1. You have some wonderful ocean creatures today Monica. I am loving the mermaids, and the thoughts of warmer weather so I can go swimming. Smile. Thanks for sharing these for Valerie's spring challenge at Art Journal JOurney. Have a wonderful start to April also. Hugs-Erika

  2. Your mermaids look like they're having a lot of fun!

  3. Love the art, Monica. Have a great day.

  4. Luv the mermaid squad.
    Happy Thursday


  5. Those are all so beautiful Monica! I love all of the colours! ♥

  6. Absolutely beautiful, Monica. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and colorful entry with us at Art Journal Journey.

  7. Beautiful pages Monica, thanks for sharing this selection with Valerie's theme at AJJ.

  8. Very colorful and, like you said, like Spring ... wishful thinking as we are in below freezing weather here still ... and yet, I see green starting to emerge in my garden. Love your dolphins and I really think the best of them all is the first in black and white. I think my brain is a bit confused, don't you? Have a wonderful week, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. Lovely! I specially like the movement in the first one :)


  10. Fabulous art, Monica. My favorite is the one on the upper right. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!

  11. Greetings from the beach here in Thailand - love your mermaids!
    Have a lovely week, happy painting!
    Wren x

  12. Oh I love your mermaids! I should do a journal with mermaids and dolphins. You've give me a creative idea! Love your art. Enjoy your week.


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