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Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Once upon a time

 Click image to enlarge!
Flaming star Journal. Starring Elvis as Pacer
Digital art using Movie photo pf Elvis, my images from my trip to Yellowstone and shapes from PS.
I hope it quaifies as a Journal :) 

When I was a teen I had a crush on Pacer. Not Elvis but the caracter he played. A movie that showed he was a brilliant actor. 
I found clips and even a moviestrip of the film on the net. The film is a very bad quality. 

In this movie he only sang the Lead music, Flaming star.  and a song when they danced in the old house. This movie is all about the problems between "americans" and "natives". Watching parts of it now is terrrible. Pacer sits right between the two not knowing how to act as everyone hate everyone. And he loves them all. 

I found two versions of Flaming star and was not able to choose one of them. 

Art Journal Journey  Play it again Sam!

Note, Erika pointed out I did not really create a Journal. OOPS! She is right. Guess I am not used to what a Journal is yet. I´ll see if I can create one. If not, I hope I am excused for now! 

The following is for TAD who wants Farmlife this week.
This is a page from my grandmothers album. She lived on  farm. Photos are more then 100 years old. The cottage on the right, top image, is taken in 1913 and shows my grandmothers father Victor
Manne on the bottom row is my grandmothers brother. 

My grandmother Ingrid

© NF Photo 220406


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  1. I love your family photos - they are a gift! I don't think I've seen this particular movie with Elvis; I thought I had seen them all.

  2. These photos are so fascinating Monica. My grandmother came to the Us in 1918 when she was 18. My grandfather came earlier, maybe 1915 or 1916. They met here in the US and lived on a farm here. They must have been about the same age as your grandmother. Thanks for sharing them. I'm a little confused with your Elvis journal page, but thanks for sharing the song. I'm going to listen to it now. hugs-Erika

    1. oops. Your right. I´ll see if I can create one. :)

  3. I love what you did with this song Monica. It came out great. Elvis looks great and I like the buffalo too. And it's a great song too. Thanks for fixing your page for us, and I hope all is well with you on this Thursday. hugs-Erika

  4. Wow on the 100 year old farm photos! Thanks for sharing the movie with Elvis.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE what you did with this song. Your photos are amazing!

  6. Very nicely done. I love that photo of your grandmother. Have a lovely day.

  7. Elvis was very charismatic, no matter what character he played and had a super voice, a great page dedicated to *Pacer*. The old photographs of your family farm are very precious Monica. I especially love the last one of your Grandma.
    Super share today. Hugs Tracey x

  8. Dont know the movie. Still luv Elvis music.
    Happy Thursday Monica


  9. Never heard the song or saw the movie, but this is a wonderful entry for Alison's theme at Art Journal Journey. Nice farm photos for Rain's TAD, too.

  10. Wonderful old photos and good that you have these photos to look at and enjoy memories. Its a fabulous digital page and thank you for linking to Alison's AJJ theme.

  11. Wonderful photos, and I love your Elvis page Monica.
    Thanks for linking up to my theme at AJJ.

  12. Wow, such awesome old family pictures of your Grandmother and her parents farm. I know I have some old pictures like that, but couldn't tell you where they are. Makes me want to go dig them out :) And, I don't remember "Flaming Star". Not sure I even saw it ... but of course I remember Elvis. He was a music star when I was in high school and beyond, before he died an early death. He sure stirred the pot with his hip wiggling music :). Fun Stuff, Monica ... looking forward to your next weeks post ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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