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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Tiny and testing new things

 Click image to enlarge!
Today Rains theme is Miniatyre. Gave me some problems as I have a lot of miniatyres. 

Natures art, Acorn
Two years ago the acorns had some kind of infections that made some of them really beautiful. I picked as many as I could find and even painted on some of them. But the ones on the image is natural. 

Kinese garden.  (or maybe japanese)
A miniature I bought many years ago. The board it sits on is 8x4cm. Most of the pieces is carved in thin wood. 

In the ocean.
My first ever Tag, and my mothers necklace can act as a fishingnet. 

Sticky, grumpy, face!
This is created with a set of sticky notes I found on Dollarstore. 

Black beach!
Breated on a scallop with sand, a shell and lavapieces from my trip to Hawaii, Big island, many years ago. At that time one was allowed to walk in Kilauea volcano. Not possible anymore as it is erupting. 

Peles Tears!
Pele is Kilaueas and Hawaii´s goddess of volcanoes and fire. When you visit you are supposed to offer something for her. So, I placed a strain of my hair in the volcano.
The small droplets of lava is really tiny. When they cools like this they call them Peles tears.
So, these are lava pieces from Kilauea. The size of the oyster shell is ca 7cm long.

I guss I need to stop here. Or the post will be overloaded. 
Taek care everyone,. Today is July 1:st. Half the year already gone. 

© NF Photo 210701


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  1. The acorns look so different due to the disease again a nice bizarre look!!!
    Chinese garden is beautiful but so is the necklace with the beautiful picture. I like the grim face with the small parts.
    With the lava pieces and also the Peles Tears is beautiful *wow*! It's good that you were there back then and could still see everything.
    It is a successful interesting Psoting to rains topic, happy day, hugs-Elke

  2. Some nice ones
    happy Thursday


  3. Wow this is a great post. I love these. Have a great day.

  4. These are all wonderful. my favourite is the face. It's very cool.

  5. I love all of your pieces Monica, especially your tag! Peles tears is very interesting and how cool was that to visit Kilauea?

  6. These are all just super! Love the unique acorns, and your tag is wonderful with the necklace as the fishing net. Happy PPF!

  7. Simply amazing and thought provoking pieces! Wonderful tag! Happy PPF!

  8. Wow, what a broad spectrum of tiny. These are all unique and awesome. Love Pele's Tears. Love your acorns too and your Grumpy face ... what a hoot :) All of it is just fun ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. Some really interesting art, love those Peles tears.

  10. You've certainly given us a wonderful selection.
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan


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