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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Favorite Decades??

 Click image to enlarge!
Today Rains promt is Your favorite decade today.  Well, as I live in the present and don´t take much attention to the past so I cheat a little bit today. When it comes to favorite decades it will certainly never be the present one. Who wants to remember Corona, fire and floods?
Transition is the place where the unknown future becomes the known past. Constantly moving in time. 

I had a dream the other morning and I follow that! I dreamed I painted the floods! It took some testing before I got to it. So, this week I painted and photographed my very first Dark art! Not sure where this will take me. I feel torn about it! My second alias has always been Catching Light! Not the dark!

I worked on A3 watercolor paper. 
First try I grabbed some color tubes, thought it was acrylic or watercolor but I misstook it and it was oil. The tubes look similar so mistakes are likely. Because of that the color did not work at all as I thought it would. It flowed very reluctantly over the paper. 
Well, I kind of like it and went to fetch some of my shells, and Voila, I have a beach. 

OK, next step on a new paper ended up with: 
Painted with oil and acrylic. 

Floods disaster!
Finally, this is pretty much what I dreamed. No image used as inspiration. Just the phootage seen on the news. 
In this case the dish soap made the oil more fluid. And cleaning up was easier. 

That was the floods, lets finish with an old piece with fire.

The fire!
painted with Tempera on an old LP-record. 

This week I had problems with the oil and how to dry the painting and to clean the brushes. 
First I learned on YouTube that in some cases you can quich up the drying by putting some kind of tissue over it. It kind of soakes up a little oil and it dries quicker. 
The next was to get the paint more fluid and to clean brushes and hands. Using that dishing soap solved those problem. The soap also created some nice cells if you like that. 

Hope you don´t mind I twisted Rains promt today. 

There has been a lot of flooding and fires across the world this week. In sweden we only had a little flooding in the south part. Nothing we could not handle so far. 
Take care. And use the mask to keep safe from fire smoke as well!

© NF Photo 210722


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  1. Happy Thursday Monica. Nice pics all. The fire is magical


  2. Beautiful opening photo. I also like "The Crossing". Not sure what my favorite decade would be!

  3. very thought provoking art, and that fire painting is fantastic! Happy PPF!

  4. It's hard to pick a favourite era, I certainly do not wish to love what we are experiencing now either. Fabulous work, always good to document our dreams in words or pictures. The fire is so dramatic, great work Monica.
    Happy TAD & PPF no playtime for me sadly this week.
    Take care Tracey x

  5. Very provoking art this week, great that you could paint your dream.

  6. Very interesting pieces! So much to think about. I think the Fire piece is my favorite! Happy PPF!

  7. Oh and yes, how quickly the unknown future becomes the past ... I loved all of your paintings today and clearly you figured out a good way to handle the oil paints (yes, they are messy and difficult, but very effective). In the "crossing" I see a couple in a safe place while the rest of the world goes crazy. The flood surely captures the disarray. And finally, your Flame is gorgeous and yes you can almost feel the heat coming from it. A Wonderful post, Monica, even thought it strays a bit from the prompt :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Twisting of the prompt works very well lol! ;) I love all of your art, that dream ...glad you got it out on canvas! I LOVE your fire piece!!! And the first photo is lovely of the sun, a definite transition!!! :) 2020 was supposed to be my favourite year actually, when I bought my house, but covid decided to interfere...still though if I had to pick a favourite year it would be 2020 anyway! :)

  9. Happy MosaicMonday, Monica. Wonderful painting... Bravo


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