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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Morning and other art

 Click image to enlarge!
The promt for Rains challenge is Morning today. 
I created the doortag at first. And then went to find bookmarks on Tumbelina.
I have always cared for the bookmarkers as they are from my childhood and from my mothers. Now when I get older I can as well use them. I doubt my daughter is interested in them. I searched the net a few years ago to see if they were valuable. They was not 😞 

Golden butterflies
Acrylic painting and stickers on A4 watercolor paper

Fantasy landscape
Acrylic painting on A4 watercolor paper

Watercolor on A4 watercolor paper

Pencil tag!
I had to sharpen a few pencils! So... 😁

© NF Photo 210715

Take care everyone. Sweden is opening up. Let´s hope it stays that way. 
That´s all for now, my world are hot  and humid. Not my favorite really 😰

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  1. I love your do not disturb. All the art is great today and the pencil tag is fabulous. Have a great day.

  2. I think we all could make use of that do not disturb sign. Beautiful display Monica, I especially love those golden Butterfly glistening in the morning light and what a great way to recycle those pencil sharpenings.
    Happy TAD & PPF Tracey x

  3. Your artworks are very pretty! :)

  4. Oh how clever is that to use your pencil sharpenings in your art!! Love the flowerbed piece. happy PPF!

  5. There is going to be a butterfly count here in the UK, can I count in your 6 golden ones?

  6. luv luv your pencil tag. Happy PPF


  7. Hi Monica! :) I love your pencil tag, very clever!!! Thumbelina was a great favourite fairy tale of mine! I love the piece...and I'll take that "do not disturb" sign to put in front of my house lol! Summer means loud weekenders here! I love your golden butterflies too!

  8. I love the pieces you created, Monica. Especially the fantasy landscape ~ but that's because I'm drawn to magnificent red sandstone cliffs.

  9. Nothing goes to waste at your house, I can see. Your creations are surprising and awesome. I can see little goldfish fliting about in their pond as a fiery morning sky emerges. I love your paintings this week. The flower bed and the butterflies are beautiful and even your pencil tag is impressive. It has been a good week for you :) Glad to hear you are opening up. We are too in some places, but there are other places that are going back on lockdown because of all of the foolish unvaccinated people are starting their own pandemic. I really just don't understand people anymore ... this world has gone nuts :( So stay well Monica ... you are one of the sane people and we need more like you :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  10. Some great art again this week.


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