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Thursday, June 24, 2021

This week

 Click image to enlarge!
Much Jumping at Rains TAD today. :) 
Jumping at the skatepark! 
Created from two of my images. 

The map!
I bought some new green and orange acrylic colors this week and thought I´ll test them. I dotted a watercolor paper, first with the green one. And then it took a while until I added orange and other colors. I like the way I can see what colors was added first. The paper soak it up nicely and "kept it" visible when I added the other colors and then took the roller over it all. 
I think it looks like a map from abowe. Maybe I´ll see if I can ad some "level curves" to it. 

Seems I have been busy this week so I create a Mosaic for Mosaic Monday. 

The two on top is created usin three sizes of bubble wraps. and a balloon. 
Bottom row is somethong like Gelli plate work on A5 sketch paper. I´m sure Andrea can find faces in at least one of them.  I see two faces with one common eye in the left one. 😂
The yellow is a door tag like the one they have in Hotels. Painted a simple flower on it. 

This week I recieved a letter with a survay they want me to answer. It was a "book" with 44 pages and full of questions to answer. Small letters and no empty spaces. So, now my eyes turned XXX:s
But I am done with it so I can now hope you guys have a great week. 
The eyes is an old waterdolor piece that I took and digitally added the X and the page.

I will visit my daughter this Saturday. We celebrate Midsummer. Should really be Summer solstice but they moved it to the closest weekend.

© NF Photo 210624


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  1. Great skateboard photo, my sons have been enthusiastic about this sport since they could stand on the board!
    That's right, looks like a world map, I also think the color matches it.
    Mosaic blobs abstract and beautiful the flower pendant!
    Your eye is fabulous on this questionnaire!
    You did a lot there, that's right.
    I wish you a lot of fun at the solstice festival with your daughter, I hope you bring photos of it with you oh I love such celebrations that do not exist with us.
    Hugs- Elke

  2. Lovely pieces, including the jumping at the skatepark!

  3. Some nice pieces. Luv the ice on newsprint
    Happy Thursday


  4. Ohhh this is awesome jumping here and wonderful art.

  5. Love the photo! And your paintings with balloons and bubble wrap. So creative! Happy PPF!

  6. Good for you that you still jump rope ... it is great exercise and a healthy activity. I am impressed that you jumped with three ropes and 6 people ... which were you, a rope turner or a jumper? So awesome ... speaking of awesome, I love your art today. Yes, I see faces of people and I also see a raptor, a wolf and a cat, Ha! Your eye is fabulous. A good candidate for framing and hanging and showing if your library has another show. Love your skateboard picture as well ... Boy you pulled out all the stops this week ... Hooray for you. One of my favorite Monica posts!!! I am happy that you can get together with your daughter ... have a great time!!

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. Love the texture you got in "The Map"! Happy PPF!

  8. Lovely art, love the eye one.

  9. Hi Monica :) Enjoy your Midsummer celebration! :) Your art is lovely! I can actually see a few eyes in your first "bubblewrap" piece and the Wolfman in your second!!! :)

  10. I like the skateboarder too...what a great photo! And the EYE! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  11. Happy Monday Monica. I am at 15 on the mosaic linky today


  12. What a beautiful photo of the skateboarder.
    Your art is beautiful too.
    Greetings Irma

  13. Monica - the bubble wrap art is fabulous. I see a monkey with tufted eyebrows in the right-hand one! And, your sense of humor is intact -- don't we all feel cross-eyed after some of these documents we are asked to complete?!? Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


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