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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Crossing and windy mosaic

 Click image to enlarge!

Hallo everyone. Hope everything is fine with you. Over here it is hot and humid and I am not a fan of that. Speaking of fan, I created a fan on placemats for Rains promt CrissCross today. 

Fanned placemats
These are made of venners sewn together to form a placemat. The fan is also made of veneers so they really fit together. Created by my photos in Photoshop. 

Had some fun with different things this week. 
Top row is a veneer plate with some mapleseed and painting on it.
The butterfly also ahve some seeds. Painted and glued on photopaper
The unicorn is painted on CARBon black A4 paper. Acryl, pencil and stencil
My tag no2 is also created with seeds and an old bookmark angel I have. 

Full action on a field and something has a hard time flying

© NF Photo 210708 

Take care. 

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  1. Very beautiful art this week. Love the first one so much.

  2. Some nice ones. Luv the fam art. Happy Thursday


  3. Beautiful pieces and criss cross.

  4. A beautiful criss cross piece, Monica ... can't really tell how you did it, but it turned out to be fabulous :) And yes, you certainly did do some experimenting with seeds and paints and stencils. A very nice variety and I really like your angel bookmark. And the windy paintings, I can almost feel the gusts of wind as the poor dragon flies try to fly. I have seen an eagle held motionless while trying to fly against the wind ... pretty hard to imagine a wind strong enough to stop you in your tracks, but I have been there ... I do live near the "Windy City" after all :) Stay well my friend ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. Lovely collection of artwork! Beautiful line work on Windy.


  6. This is beautifully the fanned placemats and your other selections painted with imagination,great.
    The weather is the same for me, and I don't like it either. Hopefully it will get better soon!
    Have a good time and take care of yourself, hugs Elke

  7. I like the green one. I thought the seeds were fish at first, could be an undersea image.

  8. wonderful art- love the fanned placemat!!

  9. I do like the fanned placemat, very well done :)

    All the best Jan

  10. I love your windy art Monica! And the unicorn too! Nice job with the fan art, I'm a fan of it! ;)

  11. love them all but my eye is drawn to the tag on the right - nice!

  12. My goodness, Monica, you have been busy! Love the fan decoration. I sure could use a fan here - hot, hot, hot! Thanks for linking up to Mosaic Monday twice!


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