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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Goddesses and some grass

 Click image to enlarge!

"The Birth of Venus" (Sandro Botticelli) 1485  This image that Rain had found on her search of Masters says Venus. I thought this figurine was Afrodite. 

At least this is NIKE, but who created her I have no clue. 
Nike as the Winged Victory of Samothrace, c. 200-190 BC,

These are imaged from 130223 so they are old ones.  The  two above are slightly edited in Photoshop

Below are images showing the setting for my "photoshoot" with Goddesses figurines

Nike and Afrodite or if it is Venus   😕

Sand on a black baking sheet

At that time I had a bowl of water standing in the window. In February the sun created a rainbow on the floor. So I decided to play a little with goddesses and settings. The bowl in the window is the source to the rainbow. My files are almost overloaded with images from that day. Glad I found them. 😄

And a little grass also today
Leaves and grass
Watercolor on watercolor paper A4
For this one I used makeup pencils. A tiny one for the grass and leaves and a feather for the grass on the ground. For the background I used a pencil I think is used for powder on your face. 
It was easy to work with makeup brushes and I like the result. Hope you like it too. 

The color choices came from one of my socks..😄

© NF PhotoArt 200903


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  1. Monica,

    I wondered when I saw the first rainbow picture if you might have photo-shopped the image and then I read how you did it which is really cool. I can imagine the fun you had that day with this magical moment. Nice job!

  2. Lovely take on the masters and the other photos are lovely too!

  3. Oh Monica, I am laughing ... only you could choose your colors from your socks, Ha! These are really neat pictures and creating your own rainbow, ingenious. I can well imagine you could exploit the opportunity. Pictures are great and like how you digitize some of them. Good job, my friend ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. Fabulous how you picked this up and found the rainbow! The floor of the figures is great. You always have great ideas and are very creative, I love it. The picture of the leaves is also so beautiful and your sock color has it all!
    Have a good day, hug Elke

  5. Wonderful collection of responses to the prompt

    Happy Thursday


  6. I love how you created your own Old Masters. The idea of sand on a black baking sheet really amazed me, as did the rainbow. These turned out super.

  7. Love the grass painting! And what fun to play with the rainbow. Great photo sna dwork! Happy PPF!

  8. Your figurines are beautifully posed for Rains masters theme and your grasses really are lovely. Nice capture of the prism, rainbows really are everywhere.
    Happy PPF Hugs Tracey xx

  9. Love your leaves and grass. There is great movement.

  10. Hi Monica. Thank you for the well wishes for my eye recovery. Your art is gorgeous. The light, rainbow. Love it.

  11. That is some artistic experimentation. You are so creative. WOW!!


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