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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Crops and farming and............

 Click image to enlarge!
Rains TAD is about crops and farming today. Nice I thought, I have a lot of that. But, sometimes the more you have makes you trapped. My brain got a meltdown. Not fun! And the images I searched for I did not find. Luckily I had a few beforehand I can share. 

This is a manipulated image of rye or barley. Not sure which. It s´was shut at a field after a rainfall. 

This is Oats. Photographed and manipulated this summer.

Grass a rainy day manipulated in both Topaz and Photoshop. I like it, wish I could paint like this 

I painted this background several days ago. And then my mind was blank. 
But this morning I finally dared to paint some oats on it! 
Watercolor on A4 watercolorpaper. 

This young farmer is me. It is an old shot of course I was probably just 8 years old. 
I worked on it in a sketching software I have and made it a painting. 
Hat and jeans! The outfit has not changed much. But nowadays I need something on top. 

Wounded tree!
Sometimes when trees are wounded and sap are running it can be a very beautiful abstract. 
This is pretty much the true colors. Just slightly enhanced. I cropped the image and mirrored it. 

© NF Photo 200924

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  1. I can only tell you courage to paint, you painted the one with the oats really well. The other pictures are * wow * fabulously digitally edited, they are all wonderful and the injured tree but the icing on the cake is your cute photo when you were little ..
    Greeting Elke

  2. Love your crops and farming selections today and a nice photo of a younger you!

  3. Very nice Monica. I am running behind on my post. Forgot it was Thursday. LOL Enjoy your day.

  4. Lovely responses to the prompt
    Happy Thursday
    You look more 17 than 7 in your photo😊 think you need to edit


  5. Oh my - those photos of the grains are stunning. Love your painting too.

  6. A little bit more about PARANG

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today Monica


  7. Wow what fun ... I love the picture of you at age 8. I don't know where my old pictures are. You were a cutie and grew into a beauty and a wonderful artist. I love your sappy tree ... I can see a many faces, wings, wolves and if I keep looking at it I know I would find more. I love art that leads me places I don't expect to go. The simplicity of your oats on your premade background is a delight. Really, the things that come out of your brain ... apparently sleeping on it does the trick. Love all of it, Monica ... another great post!

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Such great altered photos - the oats are especially lovely, as are your painted ones on the meadow background. Happy PPF!
    Alison x

  9. Hi Monica! :)) I love the photo of you!! You look great there, and nice hat by the way! :) Your bran/rye photo is really pretty and artistic! Oh yes, "grass on a rainy day"...I wish I could paint like that too!!!

  10. So sad I didn't make it for TAD this week. Love your oats painting! And all the photos of rye and oats. Lovely as always! Have a great weekend!


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