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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Canceled summer plans

 Click image to enlarge!
Summer plans for Rains DAT this week. Well forget about it.  I guess everybody knows why that is.
I was thinking of driving to Öland. An iceland in the south of Sweden. Not to windsurf myself but to photograph them. I made this watercolor painting inspired of a photo I took several years ago. I love watching them and if I was young I would certainly try it!

Yellow Magnolia
One photo used three times in different ways and combined.

I have now put the small, bright, paintings on a white canvas.I might call it
"Black and White kitchen wall"

© NF Photo 200611


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  1. Oh wow, Monica. What fun it would have been to photograph the windsurfers this summer. It's too bad that will have to wait until there is a vaccine for that virus. The painting is stunning, though.

    I really like your kitchen wall. I think you really livened it.

  2. Hi Monica. That flower is just amazing. Love how you arranged the paintings too. Makes it quite dynamic.

  3. I am with you on the wind surfing, tho like you, I would never dare to try it at my age, they are beautiful to watch. I love your Magnolia, both beautiful and interesting. I also love that you put your work up where you can see it. Mine all stay in the sketch book where they started, then once a year a make a book of them for my husband. But, oddly, none of them are hanging on my wall ... hmmmm. Something to think about, right? Love your art, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. Love your wind surfing painting! Sounds like a lovely spot to visit!

  5. Nice work. I like to watch the wind surfers too.

  6. Very nice Pieces today, I find the Magnolia very interesting
    Happy you dropped bymy blog today


  7. Yes, it's quite disappointing to have to be cancelling plans .... I love your idea of wind surfing- watching from stable ground and photographing it:):) Wonderful wall art and that magnolia is gorgeous! Happy PPF!

  8. Hi Monica :) Your windsurfing painting is so amazing! You really captured the movement! It's a shame you had to cancel your summer plans though. But I certainly would NEVER windsurf...even if I were much younger. I have a little fear of what's in the water below me lol...I watch too many of those shows like "River Monsters" ha ha! I love your kitchen wall art, the black one is my favourite!

    I got your email! I have a lot to think about. When I have a quiet moment I'm going to reply to you because you and I have a lot in common!! :)

    1. glad you like it! I would love to surf, but I´m not that good a swimmer :( so I stay to the photography part.
      Take your time with the conversation, no rush.

  9. Como de costumbre, excelente todo lo que nos muestras hoy, aunque en esta ocasión me voy a decantar por la acuarela, por su refrescante color y composición.
    Un cordial saludo, estimada amiga.

    1. Som vanligt är allt du visar oss idag utmärkt, även om den här gången jag ska gå för akvarell, för dess förfriskande färg och komposition.
      Vänliga hälsningar, kära vän.

      Thanks Manuel


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