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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dreams, pros and cons

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This will be a different post I believe. Rains theme for the week is "Your dream" and she mention her own nightmares. I don´t really have nightmares but now and then have dreams that pisses me off. I am not religious but I am spiritual and meditated for a lot of years. Lots of things happened.

My spiritual journey was difficult as I seem to be as somebody told me "a mess" and "all over the place". I see myself as three different pieces, body, spirit and soul. They are not One entity. Spiritually I also seemed to have two different guides and they disagreed most of the times about what I should or not should do. Which pissed me off pretty much.

In my book dreams and meditation experiences comes from the same source. The difference is, in meditation you can control what happens most of the times. But the "other side" can interfere and take over.
For dreams the brain rules the show. Unless you learn how to interfere with it.

I have an experience that include both meditation and dreams. Several days apart.

The attached one
When I meditated I had several times felt that I had an entity attached to the right side of my butt. It was a strange feeling.  I also had a dream about a coffin below a staircase. The coffin was filled with water and a dead man.

I told a man in England about it. He knew a female medium that might help out. One day I was meditating and she was tuning in on me.
Next day I got a mail from my friend. The message from his friend was that I had a Russian, dead soldier attached to me. When he died he had seen a green light radiating from me and thought he had come to heaven. And hold on to me. The medium has sent him to where he should be. And I never felt him again.
The strange part of this was the green light. When I meditated I sometimes experienced green light in my chest. But I did not mention that to my friend.  I think that is the heart chakra glowing.

Now, to the bad part.
I was often badly treated by the "guides" or what ever they were. The last thing was two hands grabbing my brain and pulled it apart. I fell to the floor and cried my heart out. I cried for weeks. And never meditated again.
I hated them. That was the only thing they actually taught me. How to hate! It took many years but I finally learned. In my book violence and abuse is NO WAY TO TEACH LOVE! NEVER!

Now I have blocked them all out. I am my own master! And will never go down that path again.

Now, back to bad dreams. Maybe some might be useful for somebody. When I had those bad dreams like running after trains, planes and whatever and never reach them. Frustrated.  Then I remembered I heard about somebody who had learned how to interfere with dreams.
When I wake up from one of those dreams I get pissed. So angry they tell me to do things and never let me do them. When I go to bed I angrily tell my brain to realize when I dream and let me interfere. After a few nights that actually happened. I was in the dream, aware of it. I looked around, saw the ship going away and I stopped running. Looked at the boat and turned around and walked away. So I changed the outcome of the dream. I stopped running after it. Every time I have any of those recurring dreams I go in and stop them and change them. The dreams no longer have any power over me.

I share two drawings and a photo to help you understand what I talk about.
Attached person in meditation.

Dream with dead person in water coffin

This is an LP I painted to remember to chase off bad dreams. It is beside my bed.

There is a lot of things I have to avoid but, as I am born to see light, I always do that in my photography. And keep myself busy with photo and art.

© NF Photo 200603

A crazy post, but life is crazy! I hope I did not scare you off. This is a onetime post!
Take care. stay safe.

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  1. you didn't scare me with it and thank you for opening up and telling about it. I know such dreams and with me it was always a bridge that I had to go over to survive but it was decades before I made it and I had seen some things down there in the gorge. Today I can also change my dreams from back then if you want to come again. You speak to me in my soul and the light is something special in us that should always shine bright, I wish you with all my heart!
    A wonderful contribution from your life that you can see that you can change something even if it is so damn hard.
    Hug Elke

    The translation from google is not exactly the best. I hope that it translates to some extent what I mean for you!

  2. Glad you were able to move past these bad dreams Monica, thanks for sharing. Nice illustrated art too.

  3. An interesting read and great art pieces.

  4. Very interesting Monica. Wishing you sweet dreams

    Have a blessed Thursday


  5. Nice to "see" a different side of you Monica. As always wonderful art. May your dreams be peaceful.

  6. I was fascinated by your dreams and your meditations. You have experienced some powerful dreams and experiences. Nice drawings, too.

  7. Very interesting your experiences, must have been scary. Love pieces you created. Stay safe.

  8. Well, you are full of surprises ... this was quite a read. I too am spiritual, but have never delved into it on the level that you have. It amazes me that you have managed to control your dreams. Though I seldom dream, I will pass this on to my husband who sometimes has exasperating dreams. I can't imagine how it feels to have something hanging on to my butt ... that had to be concerning. I think my first thought would have been a doctors appointment ... never would have occurred to me that I needed the attention of a medium. My goodness, you have opened another chapter in my life ... You operate on levels I have never achieved ... Impressive :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. Oh the dreams... glad you are past the scary, hideous ones and hope they stay much calmer now. I find it interesting to research the meanings of dreams- especially if they are repetitive or have a common theme. You have released those nasty dreams in thought and in your art. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Cuanto más te leía, Mónica, más preocupado estaba; pero si me lo permites te digo, que tengas siempre presente que los sueños no son presagios de nada, porque los sueños.......sueños son.
    Un fuerte abrazo, y por favor hazme caso, que tu destino lo creas solamente tu con tus decisiones y tus actos, y que los sueños -como te dije anteriormente- sueños son. No hay más.

  11. The more I read to you, Monica, the more worried I was; But if you allow me, I tell you, always keep in mind that dreams are not omens of anything, because dreams ... dreams are.
    A big hug, and please listen to me, that your destiny is created only by you with your decisions and your actions, and that dreams - as I told you before - dreams are. There's no more.
    Thanks Manuel. I know and you don´t have to worry, I have control over them nowadays. :)

  12. Hi Monica. I really am happy you blogged about this. It's very interesting and what I think you're referring to is "lucid dreaming" maybe? That's what I've heard it called when you can get into your dreams and control more what is going on there. I have never been able to do it and I am very impressed that you can. One of my recurring dreams from childhood is a blind priest chasing me down a dirt road in the dark. I am terrified and running as fast as I can while I feel his nails scratching my back. I always wake up during the chase, sweating and panicky. I have been to mediums and researched the dreams and I can figure out what they mean based on my childhood, but they still don't go away. I've tried to force the idea of stopping and facing this monster, but it hasn't happened yet.

    I find it very interesting about the soldier as well. I often feel as though a spirit is clinging on to me at times. Interesting too about the green light.

    Thanks SO much for sharing this!!!

    1. Hi Rain, I sent you a message on your blog. :)


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