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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

A little Magic

 Click image to enlarge!
Dried roses I got from my daughter at Mothers day. I dried them and put them in an artful glas I have.

I painted my first volcano. Watercolor with think paint
CARBon paper A5

And a little Magic for Rains TAD
 The golden world
Photoshop, a statue I have and some water photos was the base for this one.

Afrodite in the ocean

I created this one several years ago, 130307.  You can see the objects I used below. Also added a shot with water drops as backdrop.

Afrodite, a dolphin and a glass ball

© NF Photo 200618

I hope everyone is still safe. In Sweden we are now allowed to travel a bit. But we still have to keep distance.

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  1. This is magic your pictures, I admire them fascinatingly! But the Afrodite is also so magical I am thrilled!
    I am fine and even if there are more loosening up with us, I take good care!
    I wish you a nice day and take care of you, Elke

  2. Luv the magic of mothers and daughters
    Happy Thursday

    I am inviting you to join my linky on Sundays where i ask what's your Sunday like


  3. Beautiful art today, great job on the dried roses.

  4. Love the volcano painting, stunning.

  5. Nice work on your volcano. Happy PPF

  6. My roses always drop their petals as they dry out. Maybe you have a secret? Beautiful art, especially the volcano! It has an abstract quality that allows one’s imagination to reign.

  7. We do often think alike ... I have my Mother's Day roses dried and in a vase as well. It is amazing how well they maintain their beauty. I knew before I read what you said that you had created an awesome volcano ... I can just see and feel the power of the rush to the surface. I love it! And, of course, as you might expect, I see an owl in your swirls and statues ... my mind and eye gravitate to such interpretations. So I love your Owl, even if it wasn't unintentional :) As for Afrodite, there is so much depth in the way you did it, almost like a 3-D painting ... hummm, you are clever as well as talented :) Glad you are staying well. We are allowed to do more now too, but I am hanging back. At my age, I can't afford to risk exposure ... Be Safe, Monica :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. thanks Andrea,. of course you saw an owl. :) Easy!

  8. Love your dried roses! The volcano is amazing!

  9. I love how you artistically put separate objects into one digital piece of art- so creative! Congrats on being featured at PPF this week!

  10. Happy PPF i am #11 on the PPF linky


  11. Congratulations on being featured. Monica your art has advanced so much. I am very impressed with your creativity.

  12. The dried rose looks so wonderful against the black background. Lovely set of artwork, specially love the volcano. It is amazing, love the colours!


  13. Hi Monica :)) I LOVE your Aphrodite!!! Beautifully magical! The dried roses are so pretty. :) I think you did a spectacular job with your volcano. I hope you keep trying with the watercolours! But I understand the buckling of the paper...it's so annoying. I tried to stretch some canvas but it didn't stop the buckling. I've heard that you can CAREFULLY use an iron after to flatten the canvas, haven't tried it yet!

  14. Hola, Mónica. Por aquí ya podemos además de pasear, viajar libremente dentro de país. Ahora bien, dentro de unas normas, y lo peor es que sigue habiendo algunos irresponsables que no las cumplen.
    En cuanto a los trabajos que nos presentas hoy, todos son muy originales y bonitos, pero lo que resalta en tu arte, es el buen gusto que tienes para componer tus obras.
    Un saludo, y me alegro mucho de que por ahí también vaya la cosa mejor.


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