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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Art this week about cracks and atoll

 Click image to enlarge!
 Time table cracks!
This is an old one I did. The cracks was on the plastic cover over the bus time table.

 Created some cracks on 2 smaller photopapers using thick watercolor paint. You can see the fine line in the center. One paper is "up" the other upsidedown. I wanted to see if it made any difference painting on them the different surfaces. Was not much really.   I added some reed here and there.

The atoll
on hard board 18x24 cm. The shells and other things are not yet glued on it.
Still have not decided if it is supposed to be glued on.

This is the board photographed in sunshine. That is why the color differs from the one above.
I think I will keep it this way as I can use it as a frame.
It is tempera colors and thick pasta for the "atoll". And sand from a beach in the center. The sand is glued on.

© NF Photo 200528

I hope everybody is still fine where ever you live. Sun is shining and we gets nearer to summer. I´m not sure I want summer just yet. Spring is great! I hope you are allowed to go outdoors. I am.

Take care, stay safe.

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  1. You have done great experiments and this last one with the sand the atoll is beautiful!I would be glad if it was warmer on the coast with me!
    Yes, I can always get out, I'm glad that you can too.
    Take care and stay safe, hugs Elke

  2. Great creation, love how you used the watercolour paints in the second one.

  3. These are wonderful. The colour of the atoll is lovely.


  4. Lovely pieces featuring cracks.

  5. Loving the cracks! The finger painting is dynamic! Love all the items in atoll.

  6. cool projects! My fave this week is the beach one because i love the beach so much;) Happy PPF!

  7. Wow, the glued sand is exciting. Luv all your pieces today. Happy PPF


  8. I am late visiting for Rain's art date, but loved the cracks and how you treated the images. Beautiful example.

  9. Hi Monica, I really like your cracks and crevices, but I have to say, that atoll is stunning! It's so summery! :)

  10. Hi Monica your cracks art is wonderful. I like it when you experiment, things just turn out right. Have a great weekend.

  11. I am really late getting around to my comments this week. I was so concentrating on what I would do for "My Dream" that I forgot that I hadn't traveled to the other posts to see and enjoy them. I love the cracks in your first picture. They have a spidery effect and are very artistic. It took me a minute to find the crack in your second picture, meanwhile I was fascinated by all of the activity. And, I agree ... your atoll will make a perfect frame ... curious now as to what you will put in it. We are all still well here, thankfully, though our country has gone insane. Keeping my head down even more than before. Glad to know you are fine ... and plan to stay that way, right?

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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