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Thursday, May 14, 2020


 Click image to enlarge!
Coral Reef
For Rains TAD theme this week, Historical Events, I choose the creation of Coral Reefs.  Long ago  they provided habitat for soo many species and lifeforms. Important for both ocean and land worlds.  Painted on a scallop.

Abstract flower
This is a painting using tempera color on a circular canvas dia 30 cm. I had one left to use.
These are soo much fun to create. To bad they are filling up my apartment.  😞
The "flowers" are created with a balloon.

A night in Paris
Digital art from two images.

The Universe
Digital art from one image and some painted stars.

Deep sea swimmer!
Hm, think she is swimming in the coral reef in the first image.
Digital art, 3 images. She is my granddaughter btw.

© NF Photo 200514
I hope everyone is still safe and sound.

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  1. Your art always impresses me. The shell was amazing and that circular canvas was gorgeous. Of course, I adore your beautiful art and digital entries, too. Thanks for calling attention to the history of coral reefs, too.

    I apologize for not visiting last week. I got sick right after I linked. I hope you will accept my sincere apology for not dropping by.

  2. the Art is well thought out with the coral reef, which is colorful and beautiful with this shell expression and your digital world under water with your granddaughter, wonderful!
    A great posting from Rains thema
    Greetings Elke

  3. Love the black and white one, great creations.

  4. Your abstract flower piece is lovely. Have you ever used resin? It would be gorgeous on that piece. Happy PPF

  5. fabulous art works! that abstract flower is very cool. Happy PPF!

  6. Wow!! So cool! Love the abstract flower and deep sea diver best!! Happy PPF!

  7. WOW☆☆☆thanks for your art this week. I actually forgot about Thursday art date this week

    Have a nice weekend


  8. Monica you have outdone yourself. These are all so beautiful. The abstracts are deep and full of unheard meaning.

  9. Eres una fuente inagotable de ingenio y creatividad, que nunca deja de sorprenderme, por lo bello de todas tus composiciones.
    Un abrazo, Mónica, cuídate mucho, y ya verás como pronto vencemos a este maldito virus.

  10. Hi Monica :) I love your "balloon flowers" they turned out really nice. The coral reef is a wonderful subject for this theme! Neat to see your granddaughter deep sea swimming!


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