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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Round and round

 Click image to enlarge!

On Rains TAD we have Round and round as theme. I gathered some old and some new works for TAD and PFF, Some digital, others paintings

I don´t remember anything about this one but like the color and it is bubbly.

Catching light series. It is a serie of 5 images with different lights.

Crystal world.
One of the first ones I created in PS long ago. It is my hand in there.

The button tree!
20x30 cm canvas created 2 years ago.

 Circled landscape
Watercolor landscape on paper A4 and a towel with brown markings from a plate.

The wave.
Canvas 40x50 cm Tempera pour painting

© NF Photo Art 200521

I am going to visit my daughter today. It is a trip north about 70 km. Will take me 1,5 h to drive. From this week on we are allowed to travel within our area. But to be safe we will stay in her garden and not go indoors. She can´t risk being infected of anything whatsoever as she underwent a back surgery 4 weeks ago and it will take several months to heal.

Take care, stay safe.

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  1. these are wonderful and fantastic ideas, great works of art are all!
    I wish you lots of joy with your daughter and get well soon!
    Stay healthy and take care of yourself!
    Greetings Elke

  2. Glad you will be able to see your daughter. Lovely art for the challenges.

  3. Luv that so cute button tree Monica, Happy Thursday

    much ❧✿❧ love

  4. Button tree looks whimsical. Maybe I need to add a little bit of button to a creative project of mine,

  5. Beautiful shared works, I especially love how the hands hold the orb such a poignant piece during these strangest of times. Happy PPF Tracey xx

  6. The poured painting is so dramatic.

  7. Such interesting pieces. Love the purple! And that paint pouring is so dynamic!

  8. Your art is always so interesting- great techniques with a magical touch. Happy PPF!

  9. Wow Monica you nailed it. The art is stunning. Have a great weekend.

  10. It is fun to go back in time to see how your art has evolved ... I love all of your art and am fascinated with the towel with brown markings ... very clever and I love the result :) I wish you well on your trip to see your daughter. I know you will be safe and careful for both of your sakes ... Do you wear a mask? We are required to wear masks here and it has helped cut down the number of cases, but still, some with no respect for others run around with no mask and no attention to social distance. Makes me angry, but more than likely they will pay the price or someone they care about will pay the price. These are sad times ... Be well, Monica and to your daughter as well.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  11. I love the last canvas with all those lovely mixing of colours.

  12. Son todas obras de artes, merecedoras de estar presente, en una buena sala de exposiciones.
    Un abrazo, Mónica, y por aquí ya empezamos a ver esa luz al final del túnel. Espero que por tu tierra también la veáis ya.

  13. I love your button tree and crystal world, but Monica, The Wave is awesome!!! I hope you had a safe trip!!


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