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Thursday, May 7, 2020

A little of this....a little of that

 Click image to enlarge!
Carnation in a piece of Birch bark
I am born in Sagittarious  and Carnation is the flower I choose for  Rains TAD this week.

April Bonfire
Last day of April we celebrate spring in Sweden with a bonfire and students singing. This year the celebration was cancelled of course so I painted my own. Tempera on photo paper.

 Many of my walls are bearing wall and hard to put nails in. Over at Dollarstore I bought a large canvas and arranged six of my smaller canvases (20x20 cm) on it, that way I only had to hammer one hook in the wall instead of six.

Floating red moon
This is a collage and manipulation of two images. 

And, finally! In Corona times I have now created a visor that I can adapt on my glasses. You put the spectacles sidepieces in the holes with the plastic in front of the glasses. 
Works well as long as there is not strong winds blowing them around. And I don´t get steam on my glasses.
So, this is me in the photo. 😃

© NF PhotoArt 200507

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  1. "Un poco de esto, un poco de aquello", pero todo muy bello.
    Un abrazo estimada amiga, y cuídate mucho.

  2. The one with the carnations and the tree bark is beautiful and the self-painted pictures in collages on photo paper are fascinating to look at like the last picture, so beautiful art is that. Wave to you yes that would be good for me too, because the stupid glasses always fog up I pull it off, only the small print I can no longer read.
    Yes, it's a shame that you couldn't celebrate this with the students, but I hope to do so again next year!
    Take care and take care of yourself, hugs Elke

  3. Love the carnations and the floating red moon! yes masks are a pain when needing glasses ~ Blessings

  4. Lovely carnation and the other pieces are beautiful too. Great visor you made, perfect!

  5. Beautiful beautiful beautiful art. How did you make the shield? That is brilliant.

  6. Luv uour carnations in tree bark
    Happy Thursdsy Monica


  7. Lovely creations and what a great idea to put the smaller canvases onto a large one.

  8. Love all of these, but that bonfire is my favourite. Wonderful. Stay safe.

  9. Oh wow, your moon is fabulous! Happy PPF

  10. The tree bark and moon are my faves- fabulous! Great job on figuring the mask for glasses too. Happy PPF!

  11. Well clearly your talent goes beyond art ... you are clever, clever, my friend. Your visor could be used by first responders who have run short of supplies. Your art sparkles as well though and your carnations are gorgeous especially wrapped in the bark. There are picture hangers that allow you to hang pictures without nails, but, like you, I use the nails. It just seems safer somehow. So I am glad to see that you are protecting yourself when you have to go out. Stay safe and be well, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  12. Lovely art-and that's quite a mask! Well done!

  13. Floating red moon, looks like some talent.

  14. I'm sorry the bonfire had to be cancelled, but I love that you created your own!

  15. Lovely paintings!
    The collage looks so neat.

  16. Hi Monica :) I love your creative visor! And it's true that my glasses fog up with the mask on, I hate that. Your collage of 6 paintings is beautiful and I love that Tempura bonfire a lot, and your carnation piece is very pretty! :)

  17. It's great to meet you Monica. Good to put a face with your post. I like how you created your face shield. Nicely done, too. I also like the entire post and was delighted you shared your beautiful red moon painting and your bonfire (which had to be cancelled). Thanks so much for joining us for your second look on the 2nd, too.


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