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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Spring Dolphin and Coffee

 Click image to enlarge!
 The forest

Spring! Magnolia and my sis.
The images above are digital, Photoshop, edits of  Spring.

Blue fire
(gave it a black background in PS)


The images above. Many years ago I was about to print my own photos and bought a lot  of photo paper. It turned out to be difficult and expensive to do as it took a lot of paper and ink. So, I gave it up. I have had those papers on my desk for ages. But this week I got tired on watercolor paper. so I thought I would try to paint on the photo paper. It is glossy so it takes a different style to paint. So far I like it. The papers are small 10x16,5 cm. The paint is tempera.
As I recently seen images of dolphins swimming in Luminescence water I tried that. It was fun. 😊

Waiting for my brother yesterday, we were to go for a drive, my cup of coffee ended up on watercolor paper. A4

© NF Photo 200430

Take care, stay safe out there.

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  1. great digital photos and also with your sister!
    Creatively painted on it with this photo paper series beautifully swimming dolphins. It wasn't easy. Coffee on paper also looks interesting, close maybe you can use it too.
    Take care and stay healthy, hugs Elke

  2. I love the digital photo of your sister, Monica. That is great. However, the dolphins are what caught my eye. I absolutely adore how you painted them. Using up what you have is the best way to get your money's worth of something. I am in LOVE with these paintings.

  3. Lovely pieces including the spring photo of your sister!

  4. Terrific images ~ blessings to you

  5. Wow! The Forest is absolutely gorgeous. All of your art is beautiful and interesting but I am in love with The Forest.

  6. Art happens.
    Love what you did with the photo paper. Clever

  7. Luv them all cannot pick a fovourite today
    Happy Thursday Monica


  8. My favorite is the last one. I love the abstractness of it and the color and texture. Well done!

  9. super digital art creations! Love your dolphin art play on the photo paper. Happy PPF!

  10. Happy PPF Monica


  11. You know I never seen dolphin and lot of other things. Isn't it amazing we see world from our computer and stuff.
    Have wonderful ppf

  12. wonderful forest image. have a lovely and healthy day!

  13. What a glorious magnolia tree!! It has been an abundant year for mine, as well!! Happy PPF!

  14. Hi Monica :) I LOVE YOUR "THE FOREST"....YES, this is all in capital letters because I'm shouting ha ha ha! It's AMAZING. What a work of art!!! Your dolphins are pretty...and I love how your coffee ended up as art lol! Nice to see your sister too! :)


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