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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Wolf and fruit and..

 Click image to enlarge!
February 2023 Deer and Wolf
I have two calendars for 2023 that has no images on top. That way I have to create one image every month on each calendar. It is really good paper for painting but this time I used stickers. 

for TADD, digital alteration

My face for Friday Face Off
Collage with different things. 

© NF Photo 230202

Sun is shining for a change. Out in nature it is wet, wet, wet. But I´m going anyway. 

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  1. What a cool calendar to add your own art-Love the wolf especially

  2. I love all three photos, but the fruit one looks just like stained glass! Particularly beautiful!

  3. A lovely post, there is something really stirring about the silhouette of a wolf against the moon.

  4. A really great post. Just love that wolf.

  5. Great art today Monica. I'm glad you're getting outside. It makes the day so much better when you can, doesn't it? hugs-Erika

  6. One day I may start attempting digital art. I always enjoy seeing yours.

  7. Ohhh these are wonderful. I love your art so much. Ohh and I get your face for FFO. Excellent. Thank you for joining in and have a lovley day.

  8. Two stunning calendar pages. Very well done. I love that fruit painting, too. Great to see your face for FFO.

  9. Your calendar is wonderful, I do love the black and white! The physallis, I had to look that up! I know these as ground cherries. I actually tried to grow some a few years back, but the squirrels got to them!

  10. hi Andrea, We have a DOLLARSTORE shop, thats where I bought the image free black calendars. About cold wheather I go out for forest and naturewalks every day, mostly for 3hours or shorter if it is really cold and windy. I dress myself in several layers depending on the temperature. :) hugs Monica


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