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Monday, November 1, 2021

AEDM 2021 day 1-7

 Click image to enlarge!
This is a post where I will ad one piece a day day 1-7 of AEDM2021. Welcome!

The road to Sten!

This is a beautiful place I visit now and then looking for deer and birds as well as sunsets. 
Today I used both Photoshop and Topaz to create this one. 

 AEDM day 211107
The last day for this post. Tomorrow I start week two. 

Abstract happenings!
This is just a small one, A5 on CARBon black paper. I slipped with the color. I wiggled id around for a bit and let it dry. I recognized the shape in a way, but it took me two days to understand why. You rarely see them on sports event, but I see a handycapped person competing in his/hers racing wheelchair. 
That was me, what you see is probably a different story. 
AEDM day 211106

Hummingbird! 2 
This is painted with a template. I used tempera color on A4 CARBon paper. Added a sticker as moon and, for the shot, placed a silvery chain around it. And took a photo. 
AEDM day 211105


Tag Tuesday this week is about "Windows, doors and arches"
This was quite tricky, but fun, to create. It is a combination of painting the tag and adding it to a photo of a church ruin. The tag is a doortag I have, a yellow one, but I can paint on it. It is actually two tags. The one painted as a doorway and the little "closed" one. 
AEDM day 211104    

This is painted with a template. I used tempera color on A4 CARBon paper. Added a sticker as moon and, for the shot, placed a silvery lace I have. And took a photo. 
AEDM day 211103

Digital artwork from my photo 2 days ago. 
AEDM day 211102

Autumn leaves! 
AEDM day 211101

© NF Photo 211101

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  1. Oooh, this is lovely! Feels very autumnal and also a bit like fire.

  2. Love this amazing piece. What a cool leaf arrangement.

  3. I love how you manipulated these leaves. Lush, autumnal, and stunning.

  4. Love your leaf art, fabulous colours.

  5. What a stunning digital rose. Reminds me of summer, now.

  6. Beautiful images, lovely colours Happy AEDM! Elle/EOTC

  7. Wow both of these are so striking.

  8. Such a beautiful rose photo. I love how you adjusted it. Happy day 2 of ADEM.

  9. Love your humming bird, I wish we had them here.

  10. Monica this is so pretty. I love the white on black.

  11. What a stunning hummingbird. I love how you created it, too.

  12. Your hummingbird is beautiful Monica!

  13. I love how you did this. It is a beautiful piece Monica!

  14. Lovely door, thank you for sharing with us on Tag Tuesday.

  15. Great door, and I love the wall texture!

  16. The hummingbird is looking great with the silver chain frame!

  17. I like this new take on the hummingbird. The bead chain looks great as it is thinner than the trim was. Happy weekend.

  18. I fear I'm a bit behind, because I just found the tag you made. Or should I say two tags, one on the other. It was quite a clever way to show the closed sign on the door.

    Your new hummingbird is fun. I like the chain because it feels more fluid than the lace. It looks good this way.

  19. I'm determined NOT to get behind again. I can see what you saw, but before I saw that, I saw a runner with those artificial legs that look like paddles. Nice abstract.

  20. Great abstract today. I love seeing your white on black. They are quite stunning.

  21. I love your abstract piece Monica!

  22. If he is facing right then I can see that too. Happy Day 6 AEDM Elle/EOTC xx

  23. Fabulous, I thought my eyes had gone haywire to start with. Love how you have altered the photo.

  24. I have NO idea what Topaz is, but I like the effects you got. I also have Photoshop (very old), and wish I could make my photos look that good, too.

  25. Gorgeous effects! We saw some deer yesterday on our morning walk, lots of birds too, so special.

  26. That road to Sten photo is beautiful. I love the big barn in the back. I looked up Sten on the map out of curiosity because I had now distance family in Sweden. It looks like a pretty area. Happy new week. Hugs-Erika


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