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Friday, November 26, 2021

AEDM day 26-30

 Click image to enlarge!

This is a post where I will ad one piece a day, day 26-30 of AEDM2021. Welcome!
Happy AEDM everyone and thanks for visiting. 

My favorite colors!

Today are the last day of AEDM 2021 and I managed to join every day. Today I decided to just play around with my favorite colors to finish off the challenge. 
Acrylics and tempera on watercolor paper A4

Thanks everyone for visiting. 

Orange garden

Painted on green paper A4 with acrylics, tempera. Using pencils, stencil and fingers. 

Winterland on scallop

Mixed media 191113

Fuji on a canvas!

Mixed media 20x20 cm

Walking in the tunnel of nature!


© NF Photo 211126


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  1. They are walking into a time warp. Hope they come out ok. But I must say this is a fun piece. Hugs-Erika

  2. I love your tunnel of nature Monica!

  3. Oh that looks so cool, like Erika says, it's like a time warp. Happy AEDM! Elle/EOTC xx

  4. I like the white on white. It’s been fun seeing black and black and now this opposite juxtaposition. And Mt Fuji too. I was lucky enough to see it once. Hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend Monica. Hugs Erika

  5. I love that white on white Fuji! Wonderful textures!

  6. Wow. I missed yesterday altogether. Too many Thanksgiving parties meant time away from the computer. Your tunnel is stunning. I agree with Erika it looks like a time warp. That song from Rocky Horror Picture Show is now playing in my head!

    I love Mt. Fuji. You did a fabulous job creating it. It looks just like the photos I've seen of it, except it's in that stunning white. Beautiful entry, Monica.

  7. Loving the wintery white Mt Fuji. Happy AEDM! Elle/EOTC xx

  8. What a great way to decorate a shell. I know you love making these little scenes in sea shells and this is really nice.

  9. What a great idea to make shell art. This came out super, and I love how you can think about the ocean both while making it and afterwards when you look at it. Hope you had a super weekend. Hugs-Erika

  10. Those flowers look beautiful on the dark background. Perhaps a surprising bloom of spring during winter? Happy new week!

  11. "Finger painting" never looked so good. Wonderful art today.

  12. I love the colors Monica. This is a great piece to end the month. It was so much fun to see your art every day. I hope we get to visit before next years Art Everyday Month. Have a wonderful end of November and start of December since there's no ADEM tomorrow. Hugs-Erika

  13. A fabulous final image Monica! I love those colourful circles.
    Happy last AEDM Day!

  14. What a great way to end AEDM, Monica. I love how you shared your favorite colors. Really glad to connect with you again this year, too.


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