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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Whirling and black

 Click image to enlarge!

Rains promt today are Wisps and Winds. This is what I came up with. Hope you like it!

Whirling stringpull!
This was a test to see if this chainpull can be used on photopaper! It worked. A bit different then canvas, but I can do it. A paper can be stored in a file. A canvas can not. It buckled a lot and I also had tejp in the cornes. 

For the following three peices I used decorsand I painted black and used as texture.

All black Tempera on bord 31x22,5cm The light grey is mostly beause of the light. I moved the camera around to get the lit part in the center. 

Canvas 18x11,5cm. I used a template to place the sand that creates the deers. 
Then painted them with gold and silver. 

Ocean beach with lavaformations. 
Watecolor paper A4, black sand and painted with tempera and acrylic.

© NF Photo 211118

For second on second 220202 I chose this post. I hope you like it, 

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  1. Very interesting whirling


  2. I like your art, the deer are absolutely beautiful and the first picture of the wind is an interesting mediudm :)

  3. Monica, I love your chainpull piece, it's gorgeous. Nice textures there. You know me, my heart is all about black and white and your first piece is beautiful!!! Love the deer too! :)

  4. The chain pull is a very interesting technique. Beautiful deer art! Happy PPF!

  5. So creative, Monica! I really like the Ocean beach with lava formations. That's amazing!


  6. I've always wanted to try that chain pull. You showed how beautiful it can be. Loved your other art, too. Your deer is fabulous, as are the pieces you used as texture. Thank you so much for sharing this with us as your second look on the 2nd.


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