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Monday, November 15, 2021

AEDM 2021 day 15-21

 Click image to enlarge!

This is a post where I will ad one piece a day day 15-21 of AEDM2021. Welcome!
Happy AEDM everyone and thanks for visiting

This is the last of the entries for AEDM this week. Tomorrow will be a new one. 

Ocean lava beach!

Watercolorpaper A4 painted with tempera and acrylics. Decorated with the rest of hth decorsand I painted. 

AEDM 20211121

 The deer is created with the black-painted decorsand using a template. Then painted with gold and silver. 
Canvas 12x18cm

AEDM 20211120

Only black paint used. For photo I turned the panel around to get the daylight reflection in the center. 
Painted on Panel using tempera and blackpainted decorsand. 30x22cm

AEDM 20211119

Birch-bark Tag
In a flowershop I found these beautiful birch-barks hearts. They are attatched to a canvas 20x20cm

Linking to: 
AEDM 20211118      and     TAG Tuesday

Chainpull in progress! (not yet dry)
As my walls are full I can´t really create any large canvases anymore. This is a test of creating a chainpull on a A4 size photopaper. It worked. Different from the canvases but quite OK. 

AEDM 20211117

 Visted the park of Säfstaholms Castle a couple of days ago.
They have beautiful fountains.
AEDM 20211116

 Ocean Abstract
AEDM 20211115

This is kind of an "happening". This was one of my mothers paintings. Not her best I have to mention. I have her better ones on my walls. :) 
The canvas is 55x58cm.  I started painting it over with black tempera. I liked how the top part turned out. Moms painting shines through a bit. So I left it like that. That way it is both hers and mine.
 I really had no idea of what I would do with it so I poured on a little blue paint while it was still wet and went from there.I also used acrylics for the gold and green. .

It was quite tricky to photograph. The colors faded in too much light. It needs a bit darkness to skine. 
© NF Photo 211115


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  1. Fun idea to try to remake on your Mom's not the best paintings. I also like how the black works. Happy new week!

  2. I like this, the colours are so good together.

    All the best Jan

  3. The colors are wonderful and it's nice to see you reworking your mother's paintings. I was confused, though because I thought that was a tree, but trees don't grow in the ocean. I must have missed something.

    1. I pretend there is a little wetland where the tree is.
      Or, as an abstract you can play pretty much as you wish. :)

  4. I love the way this is both yours and your mum's art Monica! It looks great.

  5. Great photo of the fountains Monica, they look beautiful.
    Thanks for your comment on my post last night. It was just the post I did late, the art I made earlier in the day ;-)

  6. Very cool water effect! Hope your week is going well.

  7. I love these fountains. The effect is magical.

  8. Wow Monica these are all gorgeous.

  9. I've been wanting to try that technique, Monica. Looks like it worked very well.

  10. Both yesterday's and today's pieces are stunning. I like the chain pulling-it is really amazing. And those birch hearts are great fun. Hope your week is going well.

  11. I love this! Those birch-bark hearts are stunning!

  12. Day 18 is full of heartfelt beauty, Monica.

  13. beautiful art, love the beautiful birch-bark tag. Thanks for joining us at Tag Tuesday, Valerie

  14. Love the birch bark hearts. Chain pulling is an interesting technique. Happy AEDM! Elle/EOTC xx

  15. It is amazing how only black works when you let sunlight hit it. I love the texture Monica. Have a great start to your weekend! Hugs Erika

  16. I love these shiny deer. Painting over them with metallic was a brilliant idea! Happy weekend Monica.

  17. Your reindeer are beautiful Monica!

  18. Not sure how I missed Black for Day 19, but it is a great way to show light and dark, as well as texture. It's quite stunning for minimalism.

    OH those adorable deer. So cute and so cleverly done, too. Really shiny and bright, too.

  19. I like ocean lava beach. It feels cold but so interesting. This is another fun piece for AEDM. Hope you're having a sup[er weekend!

  20. I really like your ocean lava beach. Great texture and colours.

  21. The reindeers are fab Monica and you captured the fountains beautifully in the moonlight. Fabulous weeks worth of art. Happy creative week Tracey x

  22. That looks very much like water rushing over and around the lava rock. This is lovely and full of energy, Monica.

  23. Love the lava rock, what a great week. Happy AEDM! Elle/EOTC xx

  24. Beautiful work! I love your birch tag, so different. Such a lovely blog to visit! Thanks for joining us at Tag Tuesday this week.



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