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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Mysterious, Dark, Flower and dots

 Click image to enlarge!
Ice queen
This is a photomontage I started several years ago. I finished it now to Rains promt Mysterious and dark. The model is me. I never finished it as I could not decide if I liked it or not. Yesterday I changed the form of the dress and added some markings in the face. I think it suits the promts as, in my opinion, there is always light in darkness. Without light there is no darkness. And.... we finally got a little ice and snow around where I live.

As many of you like the dark and scary stuff I thought I´d ad this to my post today. It is a raven blown away in the storm.  A storm strong and dark enough to destroy our City hall. Created a few years ago. 

I worked a bit more on the acrylics. I wanted to see what colors covers the blue color beneath it. 
Acrylics on sketch paper

Dots 2
The above was quite fun so I continued on a photopaper  A4

Albizia silk tree Flower
This is a painting I made from a photo I took in Queensland some years ago.  One of my favorite flower shots. It is a result from what I learned working with the dots above. The flower is painted with a tiny fanbrush I found at the makeup part of  DOLLARSTORE. 
Acrylics on sketch paperA5

© NF Photo 210128

I was hoping for sunshine today but instead I have a frosty world outside. Both sun and frost would have been perfect. But I take the frost and will go out and fill my camera. 

Take care everyone!

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  1. I am thrilled by this beautiful and mysterious ice queen and the stormy picture with the raven!
    The picture with the Ayuarell colors looks so beautifully colorful, the circles on it and your flower has become beautiful with this technique.
    Take care of yourself and take good photos. For me it is also cold but
    cloudy, hugs Elke

  2. Monica,

    I like your snowy, icy background and your photo play turning yourself into an mysterious wintry queen. Great job!

    Curious as a Cathy

  3. Oh wow Monica these are fabulous. I love that first one.

  4. The ice queen is spooky, but the raven is amazing. Most impressive. I also LOVE your dots. The last image is wonderful, too.

  5. Very creative digital work. Love the last painting as it reminds me of where I was born. Anesha x

  6. ...Albizia is a plant the grows here, but on this butterly cold morning its beauty looks a long ways of. Take care.

  7. These are great.
    I especially like the second one.

  8. Amazing all. The first photo will fine you well received by aliens.

  9. oooh you're an ice queen, and you mean business!:) Love it Monica. "Stormy" is very cool as well. Happy PPF!

  10. just love the ice queen, really striking.

  11. I love the dots, and that cool blue :D happy ppf

  12. Luv your art today. Warm Wishes. Happy PPF


  13. Ice queen looks like she could handle about anything. Happy PPF
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  14. Your Ice Queen is wonderful! The colours are so vibrant, yes, and dark, lovely! The dots and tree flower are pretty, the colours work so well together, but you're right...I personally love the dark and creepy stuff myself! Your "Stormy" is FABULOUS.!!!! :)

  15. You do make a beautiful Ice Queen ... dare I say you are not alone in that picture because, once again, I see faces. You are a master at creating faces in your art :) This one is a smiling, ghost like face and then there are more ghosts without faces ... my imagination gets carried away, sorry! Glad you saw the faces in my pictures ... they were there intentionally, but not easily perceived. We too got blasted with snow last night, so much that I could hardly walk through it and Izzi (my dog) was struggling to find a good place to take care of business. I am hoping my son will clear the driveway and sidewalks before I have to go out again. Hope you are staying safe ... there seems to be no end to this Pandemic.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  16. Okay, you're the ice queen 👑! The painting is very nice. I like it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  17. LOVE your last flower painting! Just wonderful!!


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