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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Skies, birds and roses

 Click image to enlarge!
Winter night
This is the background from last week. I painted some snow on it. Or is is stars? 
I photographed the background with an iceicle stensil for windows. Then painted the moon in Photoshop. So, kind of a mixedmedia piece. 

Using the same acrylic colors as before. This is two photopapers. The large one A4, the small one 10x15 cm.
 I painted both images with the blue/green colors and marked the corners of the small one with a round foampencil. And painted the owls.

Smowy owls
on the small paper

Rose island in a pond.
The A4 size paper 

© NF Photo 210114

Birds and skies obviously for Rains promt. Even if all is connected to each other.

That´s all for today. We had some snow so I have to shovel the car before I can go and shoot some wintershots. 
Take care everyone. 

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  1. I really like that first painting of "Winter Night" -- your use of glitter is genius! Brings a whole new dimension to the art!

  2. Terrific pieces ~ I see stars in the first painting too, but it does look ice and snow as well. Enjoy the weekend ahead ~ Love, Karen

  3. Monica these are so creative. That sky feels cold and chilling. I love it. Your little owls are just too cute and the flower beautiful. Have a great day.

  4. Monica,

    I like how your birds look like they've been stenciled - very cool! I really like your winter night mix-media design. You're so clever. :)

    Curious as a Cathy

  5. Oh Monica, I love your owls. I love how you interpreted this theme, too.

  6. These are wonderful creative ideas for the topic. The first picture is amazing i love it!
    Take care, hug Elke

  7. I just love your winter night!!! Beautiful work. Anesha x

  8. Love the first painting the Winter night, very atmospheric.
    Keep safe.

  9. Hi Monica! :) I LOVE your Winter Night!!! And the two owls are so sweet...I love the white on blue. Your roses are very pretty, nice creative pieces!! :)

  10. lovely to see your owls and night sky :)

  11. Your "Winter Night" is beautiful and I am impressed with all the techniques you use to achieve your paintings. And, of course, you know I am going to love your Owls ... especially the close up versions on the small paper. So we had a brushing of snow last night, but not enough to need to clean up. Out temperatures are in the high 30's to low 40's so what little bit of snow we get will be gone by the end of the day. My dog is very disappointed because she loves romping in the snow, but there is time and we may get a good blast before winter is over. Stay safe, Monica and enjoy the outdoors. Looking forward to your winter pictures.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  12. Beautiful art- those red roses really pop! And your winter scene is so beautiful- would make for lovely Christmas cards. Happy PPF!

  13. I first thought stars for the first one and also snow covered evergreen trees rather than icicles.

  14. Lovely artworks. I particularly like the first one. :)

  15. These are lovely!
    Congrats on being featured on PP Friday


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