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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Game and glitter

 Click image to enlarge!
Three in a row! 
This is a game I have that is made of marble. I photographed it and the created the the flying marble balls and the support in Photoshop
For Rains TAD, Games, this week!

From foto to art. Well, like photo was not art. 😇
A photo of grass in snow. We actually had snow for a few days. 
Today it is turned into mud.

Grass painted with acrylic on A5 photopaper

Glittery landscape
Acrylic paint on watercolor A4 paper. 
I created the snowy ground with the layer upon layer technique I learned lately. I think it is 4 layers of whites and blues. The grass/twiges I painted with the color Raw Umber as black was way to black. 

 Just playing around with a Triptych color palette.
Acrylics painted with fingers. And framed with a lace I have. 

© NF Photo 210121

I guess many of you are happy today. There are now a new President in the US. 
I hope President Biden and vicepresident Kamala Harris will be able to implement much of what they want to do. 

Take care everyone, there are still a pandemic going on. 

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  1. You can see a wonderful game and playing around with colors!
    Nice the snow picture!
    Take care of yourself, hugs Elke

  2. Really wonderful post. The art is amazing. Yes, it is a happy day with Biden and Harris. They have a long hard road ahead of them. Have a very nice day today.

  3. Monica,

    Tic Tac Toe was a favorite childhood game by most all. I like your acrylic blades of grass in the snow. Thanks for sharing, my friend. When you get a chance, I hope you come by to visit me at Curious as a Cathy! ;)

  4. Lovely images, beautiful marble game you enhanced so creatively in Photoshop.

  5. I love the glittery grass painting so much! We had snow last week, too, but now it got so war it feels like spring. And then we had back to low temps for the weekend and predcited snowfall. Weather rollercoaster! *LOL* Have a nice day!

  6. Wow, Monica. You know how to manipulate Photoshop. The board game was amazing. I also like your snow images and your swirly paintings, too.

  7. What a joy to seen finger painting. It has been a long time and the work is beutiful.

  8. I love coming over here. You always come up with wonderous ideas and paintings. Your photo of the grass in the snow is perfect and your painting of it as well( I will tell you now that I see faces and figures in every painting you did ... do you do that on purpose?) Your grass in the snow painting has a pair of eyes looking out from it. Your twigs have a subtle face in the layers of snow. Your blue Triptych color has a man falling into an abyss. Your green has a woman on her knees and the brown has an owl in the upper corner. All in all you do beautiful work, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

    1. I am amazed about how many faces and shapes you see in my art Andrea. It is not my aim to create, so, I think it is your mind letting you find them. But I actually found the eys in the grass. :)

  9. Hi Monica! :) I LOVE THAT THREE IN A ROW PIECE!!!!! It's brilliant! Is that like tic tac toe? Very well done. Your abstracts are gorgeous as are your grass paintings. I love the glitter...and that photo of the grass in the snow is beautiful! Great post!!!

  10. I see the eyes that Andrea was talking about!!!

  11. Some lovely artwork, and the game looks fun.

  12. You are so good with your art plays and photos Monica. Something so simple as a few blades of grass peeking through the snow becomes art. happy PPF!

  13. Interesting! The finger paintings look bright and beautiful. :)

  14. The sprigs in the snow are delightfully delicate and the floating marbles magical.

  15. I like your snowy landscape, happy PPF

  16. I do like how you've done the marble game.

    All the best Jan


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