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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Spirit and leafs

 Click image to enlarge!
The waterspirit 
For Rains TAD this week about Supernatural. Photo edit in PS. The spirit is my granddaughter. The waterfall is Skogafoss in Iceland. 

Below is a set of Autumn leaves. Watercolor, coffee and leafs on watercolor paper A4
Autumn leaves 1
Walking in nature looking for leaves I realized not all autumn leafs are yellow, orange and red. 
Also I noticed the backside is sometimes very beautiful.

Autumn leaves 2
This is the backside of different dark leafs. Looks very much like lace. 

Autumn leaves 3
Had to find some autumn colors too.

And, my little workstation crowded with stuff for Autumn leaves 3. 

© NF Photo 201015

The Pandemic seem to start all over again so I hope everyone is still safe. I am. No "C" in the forest. And I found a new place to go yesterday. Will share some images later on, on my other blog. 

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  1. *wow*
    is that a Photo, madness to stand there, thank you to your sweet water spirit granddaughter. I would also like to experience something like that.
    Your autumn leaves are great in your autumn workshop!
    Have a good day, hug Elke

  2. Oh wow very cool. I love the photo of the waterfall. I'm a huge nature photography nut. Just a novice but it brings me much joy.
    I like how you used coffee (a favorite of mine) along with the leaves.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  3. Bravo. Nice pieces Monica

    Happy Thursday


  4. Love your water spirit piece and gorgeous lead work.

  5. Yes, that is definitely water spirit. Beautiful. I love the leaves.

  6. I recognized that waterfall immediately after doing some virtual visiting of Iceland last year. What a great supernatural choice. Your leaves are beautiful. I especially like the lacy bits of number 2. Sorry I'm late visiting. I had an eye appointment today. Got home and promptly fell asleep, since I'd been up all night.

    Are you doing AEDM this year?

  7. oh but what is a workshop if it's not crowded! LOVE IT! love all the leaves and the photo of the water. Powerful! Nature is beautiful. It is one thing that is keeping me going and makes me happy. Unless I'm cold and stuck in snow. LOL :) Hope all is well my friend. Happy PPF and have a lovely weekend. Keep creating! Much love and positivity. All the best. -Maria

  8. Absolutely love your leaf studies - combining the real leaves with ink and paint gives them such a wonderful energy and beauty. Happy PPF!
    Alison x

  9. Hi Monica :) I LOVE your ghost piece!!! That's really cool, kind of creepy, so ME lol...love it! Your autumn leaves are great and I still love seeing your coffee creations! Yes, the pandemic is on another wave here too...for a long time we had zero cases, now in this province, we are in the 80's. Alex and I are safe, we rarely go out anyway, and we wear masks everywhere. Nice work station!!!

  10. I see your Granddaughter in that magnificent waterfall and she is not alone ... I also see a fur friend near by. This is really amazing and I, of course, love your work with the autumn leaves as the fall is my favorite time of year, not only for the beautiful colors, but the fresh, crisp air as things cool down, but haven't become cold yet. Fun post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  11. Wonderful spirit piece with your granddaughter, Monica.
    Painting with coffee looks like fun. It makes for wonderful rich colours.
    The lacy leaves are so pretty.
    Have a good weekend...

  12. Love the coffee spatters on the leaf art! Happy PPF!

  13. Leaves are in all sorts of colours. Seeing yours reminded me that I wanted to take a photo of one I'd seen in my garden, then forgot.

  14. The leaves look beautiful! I like the coffee spatters. Happy PPF!



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