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Thursday, October 22, 2020

A little of this and that

 Click image to enlarge!
This is for TAD this week. the theme this week is "Urban Legends". In my town there is an old story about the Troll at Gatstuberg! The only "mountain" we have. I could not find the actual story but it was fun to see that the Djulö Mansion made an ice cream of it. 

Obviously I was not done with the leaves and fall! On the plate I arranged a set of maple seeds. We call them "noses" as you can open them and fasten them on your nose. 
I also did a balloon pressure with tempera color on a maple leaf. It took a long time for it to dry and it wanted to fold itself. When dry I glued it to a CARBon black paper. A4

As the balloon was full of colors from the leaf above I made another pressure on a sketch paper A5

Below is some digital artwork
Digital alteration of a Tulip tree

Several years ago I glued eyelashes to eggshells. 
This day the sun reflected rainbow colors through a vase with water to my shelf below.
I positioned the eggs to the colors. 

The blue ribbon
I noticed the light coming through the ribbon.

Chilly today and raining. I think that finally our groundwater level will be restored 😄

And, on Saturday night we switch to Normal time again. 
Hopefully for the last time. If EU dare take the decision. 
Take care everyone!

© NF Photo 201022

Blogger is messing up again!
Today I was confused when I was supposed to create this post. Blogger took me to my other blogg where I was not supposed to post. Finally I found that I now have to CHOSE what blog I want to create a post in! 
Never happened before. It used to take the blog I was working on. Just wanted to say it happened to if anyone else. It seems like GOOGLE /Blogger don´t want to work with several blogs anymore. They want to make it ONE blog. It is the same with the image files. You have to be careful to not get everything in one huge pile!

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  1. Luv what you did with your leaves
    Happy Thursday Monica


  2. Your leaves are incredible, Monica. I had never heard of the seeds being noses before. Makes sense, though.

    I really enjoyed your Urban Legend. I've heard of trolls, but never that one. Nice that you found a way to share the legend, too.

  3. Hi Monica :) I love your urban legend ice cream! I looked up the legend, it's pretty neat! :) I love your balloon art and the digital pieces, the colours of the blue ribbon are awesome. Your maple seed "noses", we call them helicopters because they look like that when they fall from the air! Beautiful leaf art too! I haven't had any issues with Blogger yet, knock on wood...hmmm...it knocking on wood another urban legend? ;) My big issue is that they are creating more steps for things that were simpler before!

  4. Lovely pieces and the mountain legend ice cream looks delicious!

  5. Wow just wow. I love the art with leaves, balloons and the eggs, ingenious!
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  6. The story is interesting with the mountain and your blue ribbon is cool and with the most diverse materials your work is great.
    Blogger is sometimes so difficult to post against before. Time consuming.
    Greetings Elke

  7. Wonderful art. Ohhh maybe a troll making ice cream. Yummmm LOL

  8. What a creative soul you are, I'm envious. The best I can do is admire what you have created. I love the balloon art, so different.

  9. Happy Friday! Love all the blends and colours. Especially the blue stands out in each art piece. Lovely and have a beautiful Friday and a great weekend.

  10. I am guessing you have a lot of legends that you didn't call on, but the ice cream troll was perfect. I have to say your art work took center stage this week. All are beautiful and the way your mind works ... eyelashes on eggs. Who would ever have thought of such a thing and it turned out gorgeous. Love your balloon colored leaf. The Tulip poplar tree may be my favorite mainly because I used to have one in my back yard years ago and I dearly loved that tree and it's beautiful tulips. This was an awesome post, Monica ... and not to forget the rich blues, you really outdid yourself today :)

    Andrea @ Form the Sol

  11. Cool artworks- love the digitals! Happy PPF!

  12. I like the print from the balloon. I would be interested to see how it was done.
    We called "noses" helicopters and still put them on our noses. :-)

  13. I have no idea about baloon pressure technique (need to check) but these artworks look very attractive.


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