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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Mixed compote

 Click image to enlarge!
The Bauer trolls cave
This is for Rains theme this week. The background is a photo from a place in my town. It is from the entry of an underground safety place in case of war. The government can be safe in there in case of war. 
The Troll with the rain deer´s was painted by Swedish artist John Bauer. (1882-1918) He and his family drowned when they went with a Steamer a stormy day on lake Vättern. A sad story!

This is an old painting I did really not like. I throw some black on it and then I liked it better.

Mixed media. Board 21x30cm
While the black paint was still wet on the board above I placed a leaf of  fern on it and ended up with a completely different thing. The fern is now glued on the painting. 

I was at Dollarstore and found the wolf sticker for car windows. Coming home I happened to put it on one of my fluid balloon works. Thought it looked cool so I took a shot. 


Coaster 2


On Dollarstore I also found some coasters to be used for beer it said. I thought it could be used as stencils. 
For the first two I placed the coasters on photo paper and poured color on them then just let them dry. It was fun to see how the color kind of shrank and revealed the coasters as it dried. They are now stuck to the paper. 

For the last one "Fall" I painted the fan-like structure with watercolor on sketch paper A5. Then I painted a coaster on the back, it was 4 of them, with black tempera color. And made the grey print in the corner. And then a stencil, pen and watercolor for the rest.  

And....that was all for today folks!

Hope you all are well. Staying away from "C", fires and hurricanes. That would be great!

© NF Photo 201001


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  1. What a posting, I'm fascinated what you've done. Imaginative and beautiful so much that one can see these troll events.
    With the autumn idea *wow* the coaster is great and the color combination too.
    I wish you a beuatiful day and take care,hug Elke

  2. Monica,

    Nice photo-art! The two images blend well together, creating a fantastical place for goblins to live in the side of the mountain. Cool painting experiment. It's interesting to see how things can leave behind such neat textures and shapes. Have a doodletastic day, my dear!


  3. Nice troll he will freeze out in the snow though


  4. Sad story on your troll piece, but nice entry to the cave. Lovely work this week.

  5. Ohhh I really like your negative space art. Very pretty. I am always inpressed with your art.

  6. I really love your first piece! Need to look into Mr Bauer art. Never heard of him. Happy PPF!

  7. Beautiful pieces! Lovely artwork and I love how you explore and enjoy textures and colours. Lovely!

  8. What clever and imaginative art projects! The wolf came out pretty cool looking with the fluid balloon work. Happy PPF!

  9. Hi Monica! :) I really love your troll art, but yeah, what a sad story! Your green painting is lovely, I think the contrast with the black really makes it pop! Your coaster art is really cool and so original!

  10. Lovely artwork. I love the idea of adding a real fern to your mixed media painting.
    The coasters are unique, and I live the colour.

  11. Andrea comment: As for last weeks post that I wasn't able to comment on ... You were a busy little bee. The sticker colors are awesome and the coasters were a great idea. You know how not to color in the lines :) Great post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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