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Friday, October 25, 2019

All different

 Click image to enlarge! 
Wildlife at night!
Another piece on CARB-on A4 black paper. I used stencil for the deer. The rest is a circular foam brush.

 Flower field!
This piece was a happening. It was a photo poster from the start that I scraped away the image. Then I used it as black and white art. A week ago I painted it with gold and blue Tempera color. And was lost. :(  After using the foam brush on the CARB-on paper I decided to make a Flower field. I was inspired by a real one in a farm outside my town. Lots and lots of flowers, Poppy and many others. So, this is an interpretation of that colorful field.

Autumn avenue
This is an avenue outside my town leading to a Mansion. I photographed it a couple of days ago. This time I did not use photohop for the edit. I have another one called Topaz. The filter used was oil paint.

© NF Photo 191025

Fall is coming to an end and soon all trees are bare.

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  1. Amazing arts! My favorite is The Autumn Avenue, so calm and beautiful!

  2. beautiful variety of art styles, and I love them all. You are so creative Monica! Happy PPF!

  3. Hi Monica :) Your Wildlife At Night is stunning. I LOVE that technique you use, it's very magical...very mystical! Lovely! Your flowers are so vibrant and pretty! The photo of the avenue is really pretty, it depicts a beautiful fall day! Happy PPF! :)

  4. I love that filter. I also liked your dear in the woods painting. VERY pretty! But my favorite is your colorful bouquet of flowers. Just gorgeous!

  5. YOur pieces are so intriguing! I love seeing how you did these!!

  6. This is quite an array of pictures you put together here, all with different techniques. How have you been? I have barely recovered from our move and then ended up in the hospital because I got bit by a stray cat ... Ugh! That was a long story and not the cat's fault. I startled it and it was trying to protect itself. However, being a stray it had much infectious materials in it's mouth that caused my arm to blow up like a balloon. That was fixed with 4 days of IV antibiotics, but the worst part was being off my feet and under the weather caused me to lose all of my strength and stamina. Anyway, I am just starting to get back to doing my art ... I post on Rain's Thursday Art Date. It is small but she gives very challenging prompts and so I have fun with it. So what is this Topaz program ... looks like it did a lovely job on your trees. Is it available through the internet? Anyway, yes, so good to hear from you again. Hope all has been well ... let's keep in touch :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. All 3 works are so beautiful.
    But my favorite is the last!
    My contribution...

    I like all !


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