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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Picnic, july and dolphins

 Click image to enlarge!
TADD wants Picnic today. 
So, this is what I usually bring with me on my walks. 

I think this one talks for itelf 
Then you can paint whatever you want on it! 

And for Nicoles Friday Faces I share my family.

This was something I will never forget. 
It was intitiated by my grandchildren when they were much younger. We had been to Iceland and seen dolphins from a boat. That´s when they started to dream. When all of us could swim, we did ut!

© NF Photo 230706

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  1. good picnic photo and lovely family photos for the Face Off! Good 'art pasta'

  2. You need to add a little protein to your picnic lunch ... easy to carry a piece of cheese. Then you will have a healthy picnic lunch :) I love the picture of you and your grandchildren with the dolphins. I have never had the pleasure, but my son and his wife have. Maybe someday :) Is it hot way up by you ... it sure is here. Hope you are staying comfortable.

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  3. Wow! Luv this gorgeous happy post.
    Happy Thursday.


  4. I want to make some of that art pasta. Thanks for sharing that idea. I hope you're having a lovely July Monica. hugs-Erika

  5. The art pasta is an interesting idea.

  6. Love the post especially the swimming with the dolphins. What a treasure of a memory. Thank you for sharing with FFO and have a great weekend.

  7. Love the photos of your family swimming with dolphins! I did that once too, in Mexico quite a few years ago. It was a real blast!

  8. Hi Monica. Luv your picnic response😊
    Have a nice weekend. Thanks for linking to Art For Fun Friday.
    There will be a linky on Sunday for Sunday Smiles.


  9. How nice everyone got to swim with the dolphins. I was also quite impressed with that art pasta. I can see many uses for it, too.

  10. I bet swimming with the dolphin is amazing.
    I have some creative over on my blog.
    Coffee is on and stay safe.


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