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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Sagittarius - Skytten

 Click image to enlarge!
Sagittarius, my sign!

And I really love the beauty of cold winter. My problem is that when it is cold my camera are cold too and don´t reponds that well. The only photo in this journal is the ice-crystals below the moon. 

Stars or snow??? Or both?  Well, that´s up to you. 
The background is an A4 painting I did earlier. The ice is some window decorations I have. 
Sagittarius is from the net somewhere. Actually two images. 

One of my photos, Ice crystals altered in Topaz software. 

Glittering snow.
A painting on A4 paper I created a few years ago. 

© NF Photo 221208

AJJ wants Snowy winter and TAD wants Constellation this week.  TIOT wants Winter wonderland

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  1. These are lovely pieces today. I love the constellations and all the snowy/cold views too. Thanks for sharing them with us at AJJ for Jo's snowy winter challenge too. Do you have lots of snow yet? hugs-Erika

  2. OMGosh these are all so pretty. Have a lovely day today.

  3. Amazing artwork, Monica. It is fantastic what you create.

  4. Wow, Monica. I love your icy, snowy, stunning art. These are all stunning. Your photos and art are amazing. Thanks for sharing these entries with us using Jo's theme at Art Journal Journey.

  5. Wow!!! Some nice ones. My sign is Aquarius.

    Happy Friday Monica


  6. I love the beauty of winter too, and unfortunately my camera malfunctioned before in cold too. The photo you took is beautiful and amazing artwork, Monica! Beautiful colours and compositions.


  7. What a treat Monica - wonderful art - love those ice crystals! Thanks so much for sharing at both Art Journal Journey and Try It On Tuesday, hugs, Chrisx

  8. wonderful winterpages! the ideas are fabulous!
    i love your fantasy
    Happy advent, hug Elke

  9. Glittering snow is a beautiful painting Monica! And I love your constellation art! I nearly did my Pisces in the sky, but I'd already done that years ago! I am NOT a fan of the cold at all, I am hoping to hibernate as much as possible until March now!! ☺

  10. Beautiful artwork, Monica ... I especially love your altered ice crystals. Yes, it is really cold out here and ice crystals are around, but we still haven't had any snow :( Hope you are enjoying the season, Monica ... stay well :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol


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