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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Purple day

 Click image to enlarge!
Curiosity is a good way to learning new things. This is a painting wit acrylics on A3 watercolorpaper. the word and the yellow goldfish is created digitally. The two papers added are painted on small photopapers with acrylics. The diagonal pattern are created with a fork.

This is the painting above without any addition. I like it so I want to keep it as it is. 
Purple for TAD

This is what came out of the Purple day. 

© NF Photo 220623


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  1. I'm loving the colors and the fish Monica! I agree, trying out a color or theme for a challenge is always a good way to see what happens. I like what happened with your piece Monica. Hugs-Erika

  2. I missed your link up to AJJ, could be the allergies affecting my eyes this morning. Thanks you so much for joining us at AJJ for Mia's fish challenge.

  3. Wow you nailed the purple theme perfectly. Very nice indeed.

  4. Wonderful purples. I will remember using a fork for making those lines!

  5. great mix of colors and I love how you added the fish to tie in to AJJ!

  6. I agree Monica we learn so much during creative play, lovely vibrant shades of purple, scratching with the fork make an interesting mark. Happy TAD TRacey x

  7. Fabulous, Monica, love that purple- Valerie

  8. I love the painting though the fork lines keep leading my eyes of the page ... like an exercise in frustration :) But, I still love it and the additions are very nice and compliment the painting perfectly ... but I still love the painting the most. Have a wonderful week, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  9. Gorgeous colours! It's a super page for Mia's AJJ theme, hugs, Chrisx

  10. What a great purple day!! I love your paintings and how neat what you did with the fork!!! ☺

  11. Trying once again to leave a comment.
    I like the purple.

    All the best Jan

  12. LOVE the colors and the fish are fun!!! Great technique!


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