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Thursday, June 2, 2022

A little of this and that

 Click image to enlarge!
Ocean life
Paint on canvas and stickers
Art Journal Journey wants fish. I have fishtails. Hope that will do. 😁

Rain wants Pink this week so I give her mermaids. 

Nature is all there is!
digtal art and stickers

Watercolor on A4  CARBon paper

Nicole wants Faces. 
This happened while I was waiting in my car. 

© NF Photo 220602

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  1. I think those fish tails certainly work. It is a creative take on Mia's fish challenge. And a fun one too Monica. You have lot of fun art today in your post. Thanks for sharing with us at Art Journal Journey. Happy June! Hugs-Erika

  2. Fishtails are parts of fish, so they work for me. Lots of lovely art this week, have a great weekend, Valerie

  3. Wonderful art Monica. I love the mermaid squad. Have a lovely day today.

  4. Lovely mermaids Monica. Have a good Thursday


  5. The fish tails are great, but the mermaid is also a fish, Monica. I really love the faces, as well as the fish and the mermaid. Thanks for sharing these with us at Art Journal Journey.

  6. Fantastic art pages and I love the one you shared with us at Art Journal Journey. I thought of mermaids as well for this theme and it was inspiring to see how you interpreted the theme.

  7. As Elizabeth says, mermaids are fish! Well, I am not sure, but certainly the fish tails work perfectly! Thank you so much for joining my challenge at AJJ. Kisses!!!

  8. Your abstract faces are fabulous and you know how much I love car art. Thank you for joining Friday Face Off. Have a great day.

  9. Mermaid Squad is beautiful, vibrant! You're so talented, Monica!

  10. Love your mermaids and your little dolphin. The "Nature is all there is" is truth as even man is a product of nature (one that I am thinking that Mother Nature regrets). My favorite this week is the flowers on carbon paper ... just something about it draws me to it. Love it :) And, for the first time, I can say "I see faces" and they really are faces, Ha! Clever, Monica. Another wonderful post ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  11. Cool faces!!! I love your mermaids...very cheerful! And the flowers are gorgeous Monica! ☺

  12. Your mermaid squad and dolphin images are lovely. I've been drawing a mermaid scene in ballpoint pen these past few weeks. Still not finished. lol I do like your abstract faces — perfect for Friday Face Off.

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Serena 😊

  13. Beautiful! The mermaids are wonderfully cheerful and vibrant.


  14. Some great art! The underwater painting is really cool - love the light or spirit balls. Super pretty mermaids and interesting faces!


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