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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Gold, Silver and Art camp

 Click image to enlarge!
Gold and Silver for Rains TAD


I created this one earlier this week on a photographic paper. Quite small but fun to create. Tempera and all sorts of crap laying around. 

Having fun, joining ART camp.

I have not painted on wood before, neither have I painted with spray paint. So this is quite an interesting week. 
I did see an ad that there would be an Art-kollo this week. "Kollo" is an old Swedish term and means a camp for kids in the city to live in the countryside during 2 weeks in summer. It is more or less a camp. I joined a few when I was in school. 
Now they wrote a Kollo for all ages. 😂 Not school kids. The woman in charge was the one in our Art gallery, so I know her. I wrote a note to her. You said all ages! How about 70+ years old? 
I could almost feel her smile reading it. She quicky responded, sure, you are welcome!

So, for 4 days now I have attended that Kollo together with kids. I was the only one over 20 years of age. 😉 

Learned a lot actually. We painted on wood and those pieces will be placed in the forest nearby for people to come and see. There was several kinds of paint to use. Spray paint was one. I have never done that so I gave it a try. That was fun. But nothing I can do at home. And we used leafs and whatever we could use as templates and stencils. 

A pice of wood with leaves and butterfly diecuts.

Testing spraypaint on thick paper. Using leaves as templates. Figuring out how the layes work. 

Art Campers

I will post more from these days later on. And there is one more day to go. If it´s not starting raining. And, tomorrow is July, already! 

© NF Photo 220630 

It is hot and humid in Sweden right now and I am not enjoying it. 

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  1. Hi, I really enjoyed your post and your art-I think that is neat you had art camp with children-they have freeing minds so thinking that would be inspiration.
    I look forward to more posts from your art camp.

  2. First of all, sorry about the heat. I am so impressed with your "wood" art. I have never really painted on wood either. You did a magnificent job. Ohh heck, I would expect nothing less from you. Glad you are having a good time and I look forward to more photos. Have fun.

  3. Your spray paint experiments are really interesting. My nephew used to do huge spray paint murals. You can do some pretty impressive things with the stuff. Silver and gold go really well with your blues and greens!

  4. How awesome ... over 70 and going to art camp. Add bravery to your list of talents :) Your Spray Paint art on wood is amazing and beautiful ... what a wonderful experience even if it is something you can't do at home. Love the texture of your gold and silver piece and especially love it on the blue background. Yep, you have done it again ... made me smile and admire your talent. Love this post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  5. A great experience and such original creations! Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Artiste Mixed Media challenge


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