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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Ditch and new color palette

 Click image to enlarge!
Rains TAD wanted a ditch or hole today. I created a ditch but it might be a hole too under the bridge. 
This is a wooden plate, 20x13 cm,  for desserts I think. The paint is tempera, the bridge pieces of grit, and I added my ring, the eagle, for the photo. 
For Mosaic Monday!

Below: I bought some new colors. I like the Burnt Umber but it has a habit of dissappearing too quickly from the tube. One of the bottles below is close to that color. The other solors is quite shiny in the right light. 
Testing the colors on a coffee filter. 

The coffee filter when it has dried.

A3 with the same colors. The pattern on the colors comes from plastic film I covered it with and scratched it with my nails. When the colors dried I finished with thin orange color covering the center. More or less like watercolor. Water colorpaper A3

Lastly I painted the one above with the same colors and some stickers. Watercolor paper A4.  I pretend it is something flying around in the wind. 

© NF Photo 210805 

I hope everyone is fine. Soon I don´t dare watch the news. Too much bad things are happening around the world. 

But one nice thing. I will go and visit my daughter and grandchildren tomorrow. We are going on a "roadtrip" to look for trees for their gardens. 

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  1. Listen to some music. Happy Thursday


  2. So glad you get to see your daughter and granddaughter. Happy days there for sure. Love the bold colors this week.

  3. Oh, so nice to see your daughter and granddaughter. And yay for planting some trees (ok, first buying them). Trees are so important. Lovethe ditch you created. We had these wooden plates for our wedding garden party, as we didn't want plastic. Happy memories from that day! Have nice day and enjoy the tree roadtrip!

  4. Great work on the ditch, and lovely burnt umber pieces today.

  5. How lovely that you are hunting for trees with your daughter and grandchildren, Monica. Trees are fundamental to the health of our planet. I hope you have a happy time! The paints you bought are warm and appealing colors. And that ditch is so creative! A trip to an art store is in my near future. Have a great week!

  6. Hi Monica! :) I hope you enjoy your road trip!!! I avoid the news at all costs...I read headlines of my area only because my poor spirit can't handle the trauma and negativity of the world these days. I love your abstract and how clever you used the mediums for your ditch!!! I love it! :)

  7. Yes most often it's best to stay off the news. LOVE your ditch art- very clever! And it looks like an autumn palette is in the works with your color play;) Enjoy your family time!

  8. Love your chosen colors and I can actually see the wind blowing the people through the air (I know they aren't meant to be people, but that is what I see). You are always so creative and think of things nobody else does ... maybe someday you will be famous. Happy for you that you can get together with your daughter and Grandchildren ... enjoy and pick out some beautiful trees.
    I do watch the news because I want to know what is happening, but it is depressing and I suspect I will stop watching if it doesn't get any better. Stay safe on your trip and have a lovely time :)

    Andrea @ from the Sol

  9. Love the ditch, and your new colours are lovely, very Autumnal.

  10. Monica - yes, it is difficult and discouraging to look at news. I am pleased for you that you have the distraction of your art and family! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday!


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