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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Wet, dry and air

 Click image to enlarge!
In the water
For Rains promt this week. Created on a wooden plate I found at DOLLARSTORE. 
Heavy medium gel and nature pieces, gravel and shell and a small piece of plant. 

Desert life. Hot and dry!
Diecut and Acrylic paint on A4 watercolor paper  

Hearts and butterflies!
Diecut and Acrylic paint on A4 watercolor paper. And a little PS work to connect them. 

Pigeons in flight!
Digial work. My grass photo and some Shapes of a piegeons that´s altered. 

After the flood it is now hot and dry. And summer seem to be in full swing. A bit too early!

Take care everyone. 

© NF Photo 210610

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  1. Fantastic idea on Rain's topic. looks great.
    With the butterflies is very nice and with the pigeons in flight. The colors are so beautiful and the digital editing.
    It's comfortable for me, I'm happy with 20 degrees.
    The weather is really crazy, take care, hugs, Elke

  2. Nice ones all. Luv the In the water abstract. Bravo


  3. Beautiful art and I love the water abstract too. Have a great day today.

  4. Beautiful work indeed working with the elements, the gold around the butterflies and hearts is a very pretty touch. Happy PPF Hugs Tracey x

  5. Beautiful colourful creations. Anesha

  6. For the life of me, I can't find the little piece of plant in your water picture ... :) Love your die cut pieces, especially the hearts and butterflies. We are hot and dry here as well. In fact our lawn has gone brown already and it is early in the summer ... haven't had enough rain so I have been watering the flowers every other day,ugh, out it the heat. Looking forward to some cooler weather ... fingers crossed! Glad you are all well and vaccinated ... it is a relief isn't it? Love this post, Monica ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  7. fabulous art!! I love the doves and desert life especially. Happy PPF!

  8. Some great art and lovely colours. have a great weekend.

  9. I been seeing more diecuts out there. PPF
    Coffee is on and stay sade

  10. Good idea to work with different elements, I love the desert and the abstract water especially. Elle xx

  11. Hi Monica :) I love your Hearts and Butterflies!!! And your In The Water piece is very creative! Oh, I LOVE the hot weather we're having...winters are brutal and I'm taking advantage of every drop of sweat I can muster up lol! :)

  12. Beautiful. The warm backgrounds and the desert life are my favourites.



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