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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Hand in hand

 Click image to enlarge!

Today I was using some older pieces and altered them a bit to fit todays Hand challenge. 
Hand in hand brings light!
My hand hodlding the hand you have seen before. A useful piece for artwork. 

Dressage in my hand!

Holding the Blue Crystal World in my hand!

Maori cave art!

This piece is painted on watercolor paper A4. Orange background is watercolor. The caveart is painted with acrylic color. This caveart I have on a T-shirt from New Zeeland that bought on a visit many years ago. I love it and was thinking of painting it for a while now. Now I figured out how to get the pattern from the T-shirt to the paper. Still, I made a mistake. I forgot that I have thinner brushes. The "hands" would look better painted with a thin brush. But next time I will. There is a lot of rock art in the world so, maybe, I will do more of them. 😍  

© NF Photo 210603 


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  1. Very nice response to the 'hands' prompt.
    Enjoyed the cave art too
    Happy Thursday

    much 💗 love

  2. Beautiful hands piece and the others are lovely too.

  3. Very nice the hand art of you with digital processing and I think the rock painting is cool!
    Havea good day, hug, Elke

  4. Monica this is a great way to nail the theme of hands. Have a nice day.

  5. I like how you layered previous work to fit this theme. These are all fabulous and I love the digital aspect a LOT. That cave art was amazing. Well done.

  6. Happy PPF Monica


    much love..

  7. These are soooo cool ... I love the Dressage in your hand. Perfect, perfect, Monica. You never cease to amaze ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  8. Lovely hand pieces, very different. Have a great weekend.

  9. Hola, Mónica.
    Las tres son muy bonita, aunque en esta ocasión me voy a decidir por la primera, que me parece de una ejecución insuperable.
    Un fuerte abrazo, amiga, y espero y deseo de que te encuentres bien.

    1. Hej Monica.
      Alla tre är väldigt vackra, även om jag den här gången kommer att bestämma mig om den första, vilket tycks vara en oöverstiglig utförande.
      En stor kram, vän, och jag hoppas och önskar att du mår bra.

  10. I enjoyed seeing your collection of hand art ...

    All the best Jan

  11. Your cave art is really neat Monica! And I love that you were holding the world in your hand! :)


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